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Bathtime Babies

2 months to 5 months
FREE semester introducing infants and parents to water and build comfort for developing swim skills
1 levels Bathtime Babies
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6 months to 35 months
Kick independently 10 feet, submerge comfortably 8-10 seconds
6 levels Waterbabies
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3 years
Perform a rollover breath, be introduced to front breath, kick 20 feet, submerge comfortably 8-10 seconds
4 levels Aquatots
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4 years and up
Foundational skills of floating, gliding, stroking and kicking taught by utilizing drill formats
5 levels Beginners
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5 years and up
Master the four competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly)
4 levels Swimmers
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Not sure what class/level is right for your child? Let us help!

Call or use our Live Chat above to speak with one of our Emler team members looky here!Use the tool below to determine what class/level is right

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Answer the questions below to determine what class/level is right for your child.

How old is your child?
2 – 5 months old
6 – 35 months old
3 years old
4+ years old
5+ years old
Child’s swimming experience

Can your child... (select 1)

Remain submerged and hold their breath for 8-10 seconds


Swim ___ without flotation

3 ft
5 ft
7 ft
10 ft
15-20 ft
20-30 ft

Swim ___ competitive strokes

Freestyle + Elementary Backstroke (40 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke (80 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke + Butterfly (80 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke + Butterfly + Breaststroke (80 ft)

Bathtime Babies

Instruction on how to use bath time at home for socialization and bonding

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Learn 8 to 10 second breath control

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Move 3 feet through the water and Independent Lift

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Advanced Waterbabies

Move 5 feet through the water and Independent Jump & Exit

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Super Waterbabies

Kick 7 feet through the water and a sitting Jump, Turn & Swim

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X-treme Waterbabies

Kick 10 feet through the water, introduce rollover breathing and a standing Jump, Turn & Swim

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Themes and games are used to teach tots to kick 5 feet through the water and learn breath control

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Advanced Aquatots

Themes are used to teach tots to kick 12 feet through the water and start to get a rollover breath

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Super Aquatots

Kick 15 feet while getting a rollover breath

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X-treme Aquatots

Extend distance to 20 feet with a rollover breath, and introduce a front breath

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Swim 10 feet through the water

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Preschool Beginners

Kick 5-10 feet through the water

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Advanced Beginners

Swim 15-20 feet while improving independent front breath and introduce rollover breaths

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Super Beginners

Swim 20-30 feet while getting multiple independent front breaths and rolling breaths, treading water is introduced

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X-treme Beginners

Swim elementary backstroke 30-40 feet, swim freestyle with several independent rhythmic breaths 30-40 feet and treading water is mastered

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Swim freestyle 80 feet with unilateral and bilateral rhythmic breathing and swim competitive backstroke 80 feet

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Advanced Swimmers

Swim butterfly stroke 80 feet, master the freestyle and backstroke

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Super Swimmers

Swim breaststroke 80 feet, swim freestyle 80 feet with bilateral rhythmic breathing and backstroke

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X-treme Swimmers

Master endurance and the individual medley and learn swim team starts and finishes and introduce safety skills

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Additional Classes


Our Swim Script Curriculum

Our own award-winning Swim Script curriculum is designed to give your child the most effective swim instruction surrounded by a joyful environment.

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The Importance of Swim Classes Goes Beyond the Water.

Having your child in swim school means more than having fun and bonding with your child over their accomplishments. It can turn a life-or-death situation into a life saved event because children learn how to handle dangerous situations.

Unlike many other activities, such as soccer or ballet, swim lessons are vital to your child’s safety. Seeing your child beam after they swim underwater for the first time is life changing for them and you.

Choosing the right swim school for your child is crucial to their swimming development and water safety. You’re not just signing them up for another activity. You’re signing them up for a lifetime of water safety.

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At Emler Swim School, we don’t just teach swim lessons, we guarantee that your child will learn to swim. To help determine where your child should begin, sign up for one of our free offers to experience being Emler Sure:

Bathtime Babies

Ages 2 — 5 months

One semester of 30-minute lessons that teach parents socialization and bonding techniques to introduce infants to water and build comfort for developing swim skills.

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Waterbabies Orientation

Ages 6 months — 35 months

One 30-minute session introducing parent and child to swimming techniques and buoyancy.

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Swim Skills Evaluation

Ages 2+

One 15-minute, one-on-one evaluation to accurately place your child in one of our 20-level Swim Script classes that fit them best.

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