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The Benefits of Daily Swim Lessons

June 9, 2021

Now that the academic year is winding down, it’s time to jump out of school and into the pool! Parents may be thinking about signing their kiddos up for daily swim lessons, and why not? There are a multitude of advantages and benefits to attending daily swim lessons. Plus, it’s giving your child the gift… Read more

Surviving or Thriving? What Parents Need to Know About ISR vs. Traditional Swim Lessons

May 12, 2021

Did you know that there is more than one method of swim instruction out there? Many parents will sign their kids up for survival swim lessons (also known as ISR, or Infant Swimming Resource) and don’t realize that there are many different styles and curriculums to teaching children how to swim.  Parents need to be… Read more

What Makes A Great Swim Teacher

April 6, 2021

Do you remember learning how to swim? Many people remember achieving this milestone, and well they should! When you reminisce about splashing in the water, are your memories good or not-so-good? How you recall your swim lessons, whether formal or informal, largely depend on your swim instructor. At Emler Swim School, we want learning to… Read more

Why Swim Lessons Are Worth the Investment

March 29, 2021

You get what you pay for. This saying may be trite, but it’s really true whether you are purchasing a new car, a new house, or a new pair of socks. While it might be okay to cut corners when buying socks, it’s not okay to cut corners when trying to find the best swim… Read more

7 Common Household Drowning Risks You Need To Know About

One inch. One inch of water is all that it takes for a child to drown. One inch of water may not seem like a lot – it’s about the height of a quarter – but it can be fatal to a curious infant or toddler. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths… Read more

What You Need to Know About Baby Swimming Lessons

February 8, 2021

Did you know that the earlier your child learns to swim, the better chance they have of not drowning? Studies have shown that swimming lessons can significantly lower drowning rates by a whopping 88%. This is because drownings are the leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to 14. So take note,… Read more

Why Emler Swim School Partners with Local Nonprofits

January 15, 2021

  The mark of a good business is not just how much money they make but also how they take care of the people that surround them. Emler Swim School prides itself on partnering with local nonprofits because those organizations are critical to the infrastructure of our communities. What happens when business don’t support nonprofits?… Read more

When to Start Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming is a great skill to have, especially for young children who are raised around water, whether it’s in a backyard pool or in a nearby lake or ocean. That said, all children benefit from lessons. Read on to find out how they benefit and when to start swimming lessons for kids. What do the… Read more

Emler’s Track Record on Covid And Safety Protocols

December 9, 2020

As we see the COVID-19 numbers across the country continue to rise, Emler is proud to say that we’ve had no known outbreaks of COVID-19 in any of our facilities. To date, no one has traced coronavirus transmission to an Emler swim lesson. This fact is even more incredible when you consider that we’ve taught… Read more

What to Know About the Different Types of Drowning

December 2, 2020

As a parent, you are vigilant about keeping your child safe. This means using baby gates to block off stairs, taping up sharp corners, and always being on the lookout for dangers that your toddler or infant may encounter as they explore the world. This is especially true when it comes to infants, toddlers, and… Read more