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Keep Your Kiddie Pool Safe With These Tips

September 12, 2023

It’s summertime and the heat is on full blast. It’s a great time to let your little ones have some fun in the sun and water. Slip and slides, water hoses, sprinklers and a pool to take a dip in can all be great options. Not everyone has the space, the budget or the ability… Read more

How to Get Your Baby Comfortable with Water: 5 Tips Before You Start Swim Lessons

July 24, 2022

Without fail, summer rolls around every year, and many head to the pool. Older kids and teenagers may already be comfortable with the water, but what if you have a baby or infant who isn’t sure about water and has never even been exposed to a swimming pool? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends formal… Read more

5 Amazing Water-Themed Indoor Activities for Kids

February 20, 2022

Interested in ways to stave off boredom and avoid a tantrum when your kids can’t go outdoors? We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to keep your kids engaged and busy. Of course, since we’re a swim school, we made the list water-themed. Enjoy!   Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment Michelle with Modern… Read more

Celebrate Heart Health Month with These Snacks and Activities for Kids

February is American Heart Month. Nearly one in two adults in the U.S. have hypertension, or high blood pressure. While healthy habits can start at any age, sometimes it’s easier if they’re practiced during childhood, especially since high blood pressure in adolescents is linked to health problems later in life.   To teach your children… Read more

17 Amazing Kids Books About Water

December 14, 2021

One thing we’re passionate about at Emler Swim School is sharing our love of water with the children. When the pandemic hit, we had to think of new ways to stay engaged with the little fishes. Our creative team decided to do storytime on Facebook Live and share our favorite children’s books that involve pools,… Read more

Swimming Props and Toys for Kids

September 29, 2021

When your kids aren’t participating in formal swimming lessons, there are a few props and toys that can bring water safety and fun to the forefront of every session at the pool. Read on to find out more about why swimming props are used and which ones are best for your little fishes at home…. Read more

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Swim Lesson

 Signing your child up for their first swim lessons is an exciting time! Swimming is not only great exercise but it is also the start of a lifelong water safety skill for your child to have. Trying something new can be stressful for both parent and child, so here is the skinny on everything you… Read more

Tackling Separation Anxiety During Swim Lessons

Separation anxiety is part of a parent’s life, especially if you have young toddlers or infants. While it is usually a passing phase, there are times in your child’s life when you really do need to separate from them. During formal swim lessons is one of those times. Although this is not true for any… Read more

7 Common Household Drowning Risks You Need To Know About

One inch. One inch of water is all that it takes for a child to drown. One inch of water may not seem like a lot – it’s about the height of a quarter – but it can be fatal to a curious infant or toddler. Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury deaths… Read more

How To Plan a Fantastic Kids Pool Party

February 25, 2021

Indoor pool parties are a perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday party. One great thing about having a party indoors is that it’s weatherproof! No matter what the weather is outside, it’s always perfect inside for a pool party. To help you make the event a hit, we’ve got seven tips for planning the… Read more