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Emler Goodness


Emler Repeats as a DMN Top 100 Place to Work

January 2, 2017

Emler Swim School is proud to announce our placement in the Dallas Morning News Top 100 Places to Work for midsize companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This announcement marks the second consecutive year Emler has earned a spot on the DMN Top 100 Place to Work list. Each spring, DMN solicits nominations for the… Read more

Swimmer Spotlight – Peyton with Maria Campbell

October 21, 2016

1. What’s it like being a former Emler Swim School site director who has now watched her son go through basically the entire Emler swim program? I knew it was a program I could trust. I had a good understanding of the program and the teachers’ training. I was very comfortable with teachers and got… Read more

Swimmer Spotlight: Four Questions with Kaylyn Hyatt

August 19, 2016

1. What’s it like being a former Emler student who is now a teacher? Being a former Emler Swim School student who is now a teacher is quite a unique experience. It makes me feel more connected to my students because I was once in their place and hope that I can pass on my… Read more

Staff Spotlight: Four Questions with Jen Hylton

August 17, 2016

1. What brought you to Emler Swim School? After graduating high school I started looking for job opportunities to help get me through college. After a few weeks of “dead ends” my friend, Leslie Wolfe, suggested I come interview at Emler. She would be leaving for Texas Tech and knew that they would need someone… Read more

Letter to Jan Emler from former teacher Sophia McKenzie

August 17, 2016

April 30, 2016 Dear Jan, I am writing to show my gratitude for creating a company that has made such an impact on my life and helped to shape the person I am today. Fifteen years ago, I started working as a swim instructor at the Colleyville location; I worked there for five years (from… Read more

Bringing Swim Safety to Sachse with New Emler Location

August 12, 2016

Emler Swim School is proud to announce the grand opening for its newest location at 4 p.m., August 20, located at 5250 Highway 78, Suite 980 in Sachse, Texas. An official ribbon-cutting will kick off the event, followed by the highly-anticipated Munchkin Olympics. Approximately 100 children ranging in age from three-months- to three-years-old are anticipated… Read more

Staff Spotlight: Four Questions with Sara Burek

July 29, 2016

1. What brought you to Emler Swim School? I came to Emler after carpal tunnel surgery because I wanted to get out of the restaurant business. I saw the “will train you” sign and I love the water. I never thought I’d teach kids to swim, but I’ve been here over nine years. 2. Describe… Read more

Letter from an Emler Grandparent: Emler Saved My Granddaughter

July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016 Here’s a story I’m so happy to tell. My seven-year-old granddaughter took swim lessons at the Plano Emler Swim School with Sara Burek being the coach, starting when she was about two years old. Today I don’t have to worry as much when she’s in the pool. I watch her closely still,… Read more

How Swimming Can Protect Your Child from CTE

March 29, 2016

by Megan McDaniel On Wednesday the NFL officially acknowledged that CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, can be caused by contact sports and that a large number of current and former athletes suffer from the disease. CTE is a degenerative brain disease which has been associated with depression, dementia, and memory loss. CTE is caused by… Read more

Bullying at the Pool

September 19, 2014

I know there is more than one way to teach a child to swim. However, there are some swim lesson programs, I’ve been observing for years which cause me to cringe every time I see them.  Their techniques simply involve letting go of babies on top of the water and allowing them to sink underwater… Read more