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Aquatots Plano

3 years

In a small class of four or less, your three-year-old learns how to be submerged in water 8 to 10 seconds, and how to kick forward through the water - all you need to begin swimming! Classes are fun, with themes that excite the children's imagination.

Toddler Swim Classes for Plano

The Plano Aquatots program engages your child’s imagination by using daily themes to teach three year olds submersion, breath control and destination kicking.

Classes are kept small, with a maximum of four students to every teacher. This program is for three year old children who are either new to the water or with existing experience in the water. Emler can teach a child without any skills to swim, or can bring your child’s existing skills up to the Aquatots level of proficiency.

Each class is limited to four students or less for each instructor, so it’s a small group of same-aged children, learning how to submerge safely in water and how to kick forward through the water.

The Emler Approach

Kids want to learn and grow and have fun, and Emler gives them classes that combine all of these three important features of development. Classes are always positive and fun, with instruction given through themes and games. Completely non-competitive, each class celebrates your child’s achievements in the pool.

Certified and highly specialized teachers open up the fun of water for your child in progressive steps that become more exciting as kids hold their breath longer, roll over in the water, submerge underwater, and develop the ability to move through the water independently.

Emler classes consist of lots of laughing and exuberance as children naturally develop skills. The teacher-student bond is strong, with total support and trust involved.

With an award-winning curriculum, and 48 years of experience teaching kids, Emler’s promise is simple: Emler guarantees that your child will learn to swim and be proficient in the water.


Parents are always in attendance during every class, whether seated comfortably in the observation room or on the deck on a bench, watching and cheering. Here’s the Emler guide to Your Child’s First Swim Lesson for tips on how to make it easy. And take a look at how the Emler Facilities are scrupulously designed and maintained for complete safety, cleanliness and physical comfort for both the little swimmers and their parents.

Find the Right Class for Your Toddler

It’s important for young children to start learning in an environment that matches their swim skills.  This allows them to gain confidence and grow in an environment with positive reinforcement.

That’s why each of our age-specific programs contains progressive levels, and also why we offer free evaluations to determine exactly where your child’s proficiency lies, and in which of the more than 20 different teaching levels your child should begin.

See the Emler guide to Finding the Right Class for Your Child. There are four levels in the Aquatots toddler swim program to make sure your child is placed in the right level for their skills.

For children aged 3 years and older, you’ll start with our free 10-minute one-on-one Swim Skills Evaluation with one of our instructors. The skilled instructor will  assess your child’s level of skill and match your child to the perfect class.

What Your Toddler Will Learn

Our classes use daily themes and games to teach your toddler core water safety techniques in a way that’s fun. Through the Aquatots levels, toddlers learn how to submerge for 8 to 10 seconds, and how to kick through the water for progressively longer distances.

In the second level class, the student will learn rollover breathing, a key water safety technique in which your child learns to roll into a back float to take a new breath. And in the final level of Aquatots, students are introduced to front breathing. Throughout the levels, the distances get longer, the techniques become second nature, and the smiles get wider!

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Three year olds who cannot swim without flotation

This first class teaches children to hold their breath underwater for 8 to 10 seconds! They will practice kicking through the water for five feet. All of this happens in daily themes and games that make it fun to learn this life-saving skill.

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Advanced Aquatots

Three year olds who kick five feet through the water

When the kids have mastered the basics, we add more fun to the games as they expand their horizons, now kicking 12 feet through the water. This class also introduces the rollover breath.

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Super Aquatots

Three year olds who kick 12 feet through the water

The Super kids now advance to mastering the rollover breath, so it becomes second nature. While they’re at it, the fun and games expand to kicking through the water now for 15 feet.

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X-treme Aquatots

Three year olds who kick 15 feet through the water

Time for something new. The games and theme for the day extend the reach to 20 feet of kicking forward through the water AND taking a rollover breath – and now the students are ready for their first introduction to front breathing.

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Not sure what class/level is right for your child? Let us help!

Call to speak with one of our Emler team members looky here!Use the tool below to determine what class/level is right

class finder tool

Answer the questions below to determine what class/level is right for your child.

How old is your child?
2 – 5 months old
6 – 35 months old
3 years old
4+ years old
5+ years old
Child’s swimming experience

Can your child... (select 1)

Remain submerged and hold their breath for 8-10 seconds


Swim ___ without flotation

3 ft
5 ft
7 ft
10 ft
15-20 ft
20-30 ft

Swim ___ competitive strokes

Freestyle + Elementary Backstroke (40 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke (80 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke + Butterfly (80 ft)
Freestyle + Backstroke + Butterfly + Breaststroke (80 ft)

Bathtime Babies

Instruction on how to use bath time at home for socialization and bonding

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Learn 8 to 10 second breath control

Learn More


Move 3 feet through the water and Independent Lift

Learn More

Advanced Waterbabies

Move 5 feet through the water and Independent Jump & Exit

Learn More

Super Waterbabies

Kick 7 feet through the water and a sitting Jump, Turn & Swim

Learn More

X-treme Waterbabies

Kick 10 feet through the water, introduce rollover breathing and a standing Jump, Turn & Swim

Learn More


Themes and games are used to teach tots to kick 5 feet through the water and learn breath control

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Advanced Aquatots

Themes are used to teach tots to kick 12 feet through the water and start to get a rollover breath

Learn More

Super Aquatots

Kick 15 feet while getting a rollover breath

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X-treme Aquatots

Extend distance to 20 feet with a rollover breath, and introduce a front breath

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Swim 10 feet through the water

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Preschool Beginners

Kick 5-10 feet through the water

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Advanced Beginners

Swim 15-20 feet while improving independent front breath and introduce rollover breaths

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Super Beginners

Swim 20-30 feet while getting multiple independent front breaths and rolling breaths, treading water is introduced

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X-treme Beginners

Swim elementary backstroke 30-40 feet, swim freestyle with several independent rhythmic breaths 30-40 feet and treading water is mastered

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Swim freestyle 80 feet with unilateral and bilateral rhythmic breathing and swim competitive backstroke 80 feet

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Advanced Swimmers

Swim butterfly stroke 80 feet, master the freestyle and backstroke

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Super Swimmers

Swim breaststroke 80 feet, swim freestyle 80 feet with bilateral rhythmic breathing and backstroke

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X-treme Swimmers

Master endurance and the individual medley and learn swim team starts and finishes and introduce safety skills

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