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We’ve joined families!

Love to Swim School will soon be operating as Emler Swim School.

Welcome to the Emler Swim School Community! We’d love to get to know each other better! Since first introductions can be a bit awkward, we’ll go first.

Here are a few things to be assured:

A little about our background…


We’re bringing the Emler Sure Guarantee to You!

As an award-winning swim school with more than 40 years of experience, we’re proud to be the only swim school with a 100% swimmer guarantee. That only happens through a proven, ever-evolving curriculum, a quality staff that undergoes one of the most thorough training programs in the nation, and – above all else – a passion to nurture children in a healthy, safe and fun environment.

We were founded on the principle that every child has the ability to swim, and it’s our calling to help them discover that ability. To do that successfully, we employ a proven semester-based, year-round approach that integrates child development best practices. By providing your child with consistent opportunities to apply their skills, and positive reinforcement to encourage accomplishment, your child will learn to become a safer swimmer.


To find your location, select from the list below:

Huebner Road


Stone Oak