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Parent Speeches

Parent Speeches 101

The structure to an AWESOME parent speech!

All parents are waived in 5 minutes before the class is over

1) The greeting


2) The explanation


3) The show off


  • We still need to do this
  • We still need to work on this
  • We’re still improving on this 
  • They can’t do this
  • This is wrong
  • This is incorrect
  • This is not right 
  • They are bad at this 

For the improvements, always make sure you are careful with how you say it.


Freestyle Backstroke Breaststroke Butterfly
Head Face down
Looking at floor

Turning head to the side to breathe

Resting head on arm when breathing

Don’t lift head up to breathe

Tilting head back to look at the ceiling

Don’t look at toes

Don’t wiggle head from side to side, keep it still

Face down

Tilt chin to look at floor

Top of head should be showing above the surface of the water at all times

Face down.
Tilt chin to look at floor

Don’t breathe every stroke

Entire head should be lifting out of the water when breathing, but shouldn’t be looking up at the sky when they breathe

Body Position Need to hold a side kicking position when they breathe, don’t lean too far forward or backward Rotating shoulders

Belly up to the surface of the water

Don’t dive down too deep

Glide for two seconds

Need to breathe when legs bend

Need to keep a horizontal position when they breathe, don’t go vertical
Arms Need to lift arms all the way out of the water, big arcs

Leaving arm up by their head when they breathe

Thumbs should touch together

Elbows should bend under water

Arms straight

Thumb out, pinky in

Keep arms moving, should be like a windmill rather than one arm at a time

Elbows should bend under water

Pull arms in a circular motion towards armpits

Don’t pull arms all the way down to their sides

Need to touch hands together with straight arms when gliding

Need to pull arms all the way down to their sides and swing them up and over the water

Arms should be straight out of the water, don’t bend elbows

Palms face down

Kicks Use the entire leg from the hip

Straight legs

Pointed toes

Feet should be underwater

Small and fast kicks

Pointed toes

Straight legs

Small and fast kicks

Legs should be on top of water, not dragging on bottom

Up, out, and around

No pointed toes

Legs straight and together when gliding

Legs together

Use entire body to kick, from shoulders to toes

Small and fast kicks