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Stealth Competitive Swim Team

What is Stealth? 

Stealth is a year-round competitive swim team.  Our Stealth swimmers fine-tune their swim skills and technique in all four competitive strokes while testing their endurance and swimming ability against other swimmers – and against the clock.

Behind every great swimmer is a great coach. Stealth has built a team of fantastic coaches to lead our swim team because positive coaching is critical to your athlete reaching their ultimate potential in the pool. Bringing their swim experience to Stealth, they lead with positivity, team spirit, and a dedication to improving every swimmer.

Our coaches will help your athlete break-through mental barriers to achieve personal bests as they grow as individuals. Along with performance, our coaches highly emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship.

What can I expect from the new Stealth classes?  What are the goals for the new Stealth classes?

Stealth SwimmersBeginning members of the Stealth Swim Team possess the desire to swim competitively but need more stroke and endurance practice. If your child can swim 30 feet with side breaths and is comfortable swimming on their back, they are ready to join this squad. The goal is to increase endurance, learn racing techniques from freestyle and competitive backstroke and to get excited about their swimming potential!

Stealth Advanced SwimmersWhen your athlete can swim a strong 80-feet freestyle and backstroke and is ready to raise their butterly to a competitive level, this becomes the right squad for them. Your swimmer will continue building endurance in free and back and develop their “short axis” body positioning in order to work on mastering butterfly and prepare for breaststroke!

Stealth Super SwimmersAthletes demonstrating excellent technique in the 80-feet freestyle and backstroke and a legal 40-foot distance for butterfly are ready to go all in to learn proper breaststroke racing technique in this squad. They will continue to use and develop their other three strokes (Free, Back and Fly) in this squad.

Stealth X-treme SwimmersIf your athlete can swim 80 feet in freestyle and backstroke, 40 feet of legal breaststroke and legal butterfly, they are ready for the individual medley squad. This group focuses on the specialized techniques required in IM. Swimmers practice all four strokes with regularity. They will be introduced to the pace clock, sets and more endurance swimming in this squad.

What is the cost of Stealth?

There are no changes to the tuition of your lessons!

Your annual registration fee for a Stealth class will be $100, which will include a pair of competitive swim goggles, swim cap, and bathing suit for your swimmer.

Questions about Stealth? 

Feel free to use one of the following methods:

  • We provide Customer Service Staff at the front desk of every Emler Swim School to help you personally with any question or situation.
  • By Phone: 855-232-2006. Our operating hours are M-F 9:00am-6:00pm Central Time.