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Emler Swim School of Austin – Oak Hill

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Emler Swim School Oak Hill serves the Austin communities of Bear Creek, Circle C Ranch, Cedar Valley, Oak Hill, Barton Creek, Lost Creek and Sunset Valley.

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  • Summer 2020


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director Petra Soltis

Petra Soltis

Petra’s life has revolved around kids for more than 15 years and she could not imagine a profession where she doesn’t have the chance to interact with children on a daily basis. For many years Petra was the Teacher and Director of her own music school in Wimberley, TX, and the Program Director and Teacher at the Armstrong Community Music School in Austin and the Lockhart Montessori School. In 2017 she discovered Emler Swim School and loves the fact that she can contribute to providing life-saving skills to the kids in her community. Petra’s own water experiences began as a young toddler in her home country Germany, and even though she ended up being a devoted gymnast throughout her youth, she always sought opportunities to swim as much as possible. Petra holds degrees in Audio Engineering and Music from two Universities in Duesseldorf, Germany, as well as an MBA from Indiana University and a Masters in Global Management from Thunderbird.

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Q+A with Petra

What is the best part about working for Emler every day?

I love interacting with the kids, their parents, and the Emler staff members. Emler has a wonderful company culture and it is fun to come to work. It feels like we are all part of a big family.

What do you believe makes you a great site director?

I truly care about every child, every customer, and every employee and always strive to find ways to make their lives better. I love being a supportive mentor, and I am passionate about my work and helping people in any way that I can.

Share a childhood memory about your experience with swim lessons.

I was 5 years old and was supposed to do a 15-minute endurance swim. I kept swimming and swimming and it felt endless and I wondered if they had forgotten about me, but I finally did it – and realized that the instructors had let me swim for 30 minutes because I still seemed so strong after 15.

What favorite memory do you have from working at Emler?

I clearly remember the first time I witnessed a Mom coming to class super excited, because her 3 year old (who had been quite scared of the water and resistant to learning to swim) had accidentally fallen into the deep end of the pool the day before, but had remembered the skill we taught her: She had immediately turned around, swam back to the wall, and saved herself! The little girl was incredibly proud and her confidence in her own swimming abilities grew exponentially. Honestly, every time I see that a child goes under water and holds the breath and smiles afterward and we realize that another child is now on the way to swimming independently and becoming safe in the water, I am filled with joy and happiness.

Share a childhood memory when you were brave and overcame fear.

When I was 3, I cried every time before gym class. I sat in the locker room and was crying and did not want to go in because I was scared. But once I found the courage and participated, I loved it. I did not want to give up, even though I continued being scared every time before gym (and once I was 6 years old I was in the gym pretty much every day), especially before big competitions. Even as a Teenager, I still had to overcome my fears but my determination brought me all the way to the national gymnastics school finals. It taught me that some things will always make you nervous, but overcoming fears can be highly rewarding.

Caitlyn Walton

Caitlyn Walton


Q+A with Caitlyn

Why do you love working with kids?

I love watching a child discover something new. The look of wonder and the pride that shows when they are able to accomplish even the smallest of tasks is what I live for. I want to make sure that every child feels confident in themselves for every achievement they make!

What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?

I love puzzles! I am constantly going to escape rooms to challenge myself. Often I’ll be putting together a 1000+ piece puzzle at home or even working through a scavenger hunt!

Catherine Bullok

Catherine Bullok

Aquatic Director

Q+A with Catherine

Why do you love working with kids?

I love working with kids because of the fresh perspective that they bring! It is so fun to be able to help them progress and discover new things.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?

I love hiking, fishing, and exploring new and fresh restaurants.

Taylor Ciskowski

Taylor Ciskowski

Customer Service Manager

Q+A with Taylor

Why do you love working with kids?

I love that every child is unique in their own way. They teach us so many things and they are great energy to be around!

What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?

I love to try different types of food and exploring new places! I also enjoy planning and organizing events, and spending time with my dog!