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Emler Swim School of Fort Wayne

Change Location
We are excited to announce that NITRO Swimming’s Fort Wayne location is now Emler Swim School Fort Wayne!  Emler Swim School shares the same passion as NITRO to nurture children in a healthy, safe and fun environment.  Emler Swim School has 48 years of experience teaching children Water Safety and how to swim.  Emler is excited to become part of the fabric of the Fort Wayne community.
Greg Laird – CEO – Emler Swim School
Mike Koleber – Founder / Owner – NITRO Swimming

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NITRO Swim School is now Emler Swim School of Fort Wayne.

Emler’s Fort Wayne, IN school is excited to serve the communities of Fort Wayne, New Haven, Leo-Cedarville, Huntertown, Laotto, Spencerville, Hicksville, Auburn, Garrett, Arcola, Edgerton, Payne and Hessen.

You can find our 8,000 Sq ft swim space in a retail complex called Chapel Ridge off of Maysville Road near Hwy 37 and 469 in the northeast part of Fort Wayne. We are located in the southeast corner of the development two doors down from Buffalo Wild Wings and next door to Zianos Italian Eatery.

We’d love to find out more about how we can best serve you. Come by and take a free tour or go ahead and jump right in.

Fort Wayne iClassPro Parent Portal Link: CLICK HERE


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Stealth - Fort Wayne

What is Stealth? 

Stealth Free & Back Racing Squad
Ages 5 and up who can perform freestyle for 80 feet and swim on their back for 80 feet.
The course goal is to swim 50 yards of competitive backstroke and freestyle. Students are also introduced to breaststroke and butterfly skills and begin racing techniques like flip turns.

Stealth Breaststroke Racing Squad
Ages 5 and up who can perform competitive freestyle & Backstroke for 50 yards.
The course goal is to swim 100 yards of competitive backstroke with flip turns and 25 yards of competitive breaststroke. Students are also practicing butterfly skills and .
Stealth Butterfly Racing Squad
Ages 5 and up who can perform 100 yards of competitive backstroke with flip turns and 25 yards of competitive breaststroke.
The course goal is to swim 200 yards of competitive freestyle with flip turns and 25 yards of competitive butterfly. Students are continuing to build endurance and expand their racing techniques.
Stealth MACH Racing Squad
Ages 6 and up who can perform a 100 Legal IM in 2:15 or less. (25 of each of the four competitive strokes)
The Mach Racing Squad works hard to refine race technique and improve times.  Our outstanding athletes are challenged on an individualized basis and their skills are refined with laser-focused precision, helping them achieve their best possible performance and reach their full potential.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your class ratios?

We’ve always had small class sizes of 3-4 kiddos, as well as private lessons, and nothing has changed. We now offer the option to form your own private group with family, friends or neighbors you know. Additionally, another option is the parent & child class, with appropriate spacing between families in the pool, where kids receive instruction from a teacher on the deck. We are monitoring and strictly adhering to all local, state and federal guidelines regarding levels of occupancy and the number of people that are allowed in gatherings so we can continue to be the healthiest, happiest pool in town.

How can I learn more about swim lessons?

You can get in touch with us in many different ways – call 855-232-2006, fill out this form or sit in on a virtual live information session that guarantees there won't be any phone tag. We host them on Zoom at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central, Monday through Thursday. You can have your camera turned on or off, whatever you're most comfortable with! Sign up here.

How To Prepare Your Kids For a Lifetime of Swimming Safety

1. Start teaching kids water safety early.

Teaching kids to swim needs to happen as early as possible to prevent the risk of accidental drowning. Formal swim lessons result in an 88% reduction in drowning risk for children ages 1 to 4, studies have found, and children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, according to the CDC. At Emler Swim School, safety is our top priority and why we are so passionate about teaching swim lessons. We want to empower children and their families with the water safety information they need to protect themselves.

2. Teach kids in a supportive environment.

Evidence tells us that children learn best in encouraging, supportive environments. At Emler Swim School, we create a warm, safe atmosphere to help children feel free to explore and try new things that may scare them initially. We know some children find the water daunting and we want to do everything we can not only to help them feel comfortable in the water but also enjoy swimming and playing in the pool.

3. Make swimming lessons fun with positive reinforcement.

Songs, games and playing make-believe are part of the curriculum. Progress is measured and milestones are celebrated, both big and small. Through encouraging words and high-fives during every class, learning to swim is as fun as possible. While safety is our number one priority, students also learn a love for the water.

4. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Just like any skill or sport, perfect practice makes perfect. In the case of water safety, proper swimming and safety skills become muscle memory. The more a child is doing a specific activity, the more it becomes an instant reaction. If a little one finds themself unexpectedly in water, it is ideal for their instincts and muscle memory to take over without much conscious effort. One of the most popular lesson days at Emler is when the kids jump in the pool with all their clothes on so they know what it feels like to be in water in something other than bathing suits. They then turn around to the wall for a safe exit.

5. Celebrate progress!

Both small and large achievements are celebrated, as mentioned earlier. For some kids, putting their face in the water is a big step forward, so we recognize and applaud this. We have informal and formal ways of marking progress, from showering the little swimmers with praise to providing ribbons of completion at the end of a level. At Emler, swimming is made as fun and rewarding as possible while teaching the basics of water safety so all the kiddos feel confident around water.

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