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Emler Swim School of Houston – Vintage Park

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Emler Swim School Vintage Park proudly serves the northwest communities of Houston including Cypress, Jersey Village, and Klein. We are conveniently located on the west side of Chasewood Park Drive between Louetta Road and Vintage Preserve Parkway.

Emler Swim School was recently named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in Houston Business Journal!

We’d love to find out more about how we can best serve you. Come by and take a free tour or go ahead and jump right in.

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  • Summer 2020


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director Austin Greco

Austin Greco



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Q+A with Austin

What is the best part about working for Emler every day?

My staff… I love working with my management team, my teachers, and my customer service staff every day here at Emler. They are amazing with our families, and I really enjoy working with them through our training and mentoring programs to continuously improve in everything that we do. We only bring the very best in to our family of Emler employees, and I am proud to work side-by-side with them to teach all of our swimmers how to be exceptional in the water. Go team!

What do you believe makes you a great site director?

I think my team likes having me as their site director because it is important to me to really be present at the site and involved in the day-to-day activities. I want to be available to my families and to my team for whatever they need – and I will never turn down the opportunity to do the right thing for everyone under my roof.

Share a childhood memory about your experience with swim lessons.

I learned how to swim from a family friend in a backyard pool, and I distinctively remember when I was finally ready to jump off of the diving board – and it was amazing!! It reminds me of the excitement and the joy that our Emler families have when their swimmer gets to go down our big slide for the first time. It’s a big event and a reason to celebrate!

What favorite memory do you have from working at Emler?

My favorite memories about working here at Emler has to be that moment when they each figure out that THEY CAN DO IT, THEY CAN SWIM! It is such a rewarding and beautiful moment when our swimmers realize that they can move through the water on their own despite the initial fear or anxiety.

Share a childhood memory when you were brave and overcame fear.

I took classical piano lessons for 13 years and actually learned how to read music before I learned how to read! As a young child, I was very nervous about playing in recitals or in competitions, but my teacher – who was also a professor at a local university – was really great about encouraging me and supporting me through each performance. She would attend many of my competitions, waiting in the hallway as I went in to play in front of the judges and then celebrating things with a big hug afterwards. She taught me how to be confident even in moments of stress and how to be proud of my work even if it wasn’t perfect.

Frankie Cruz

Frankie Cruz

Customer Service Manager

Q+A with Frankie

Why do you love working with kids?
The reason I love working with kids is that I love making a difference in their lives. Surprisingly, they’ve all made a difference in my life and to this day I am beyond grateful. My love and passion for working with kids has only grown ever since I started.
What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?
Something I enjoy outside of Emler is dance. Every now and then I’ll find myself free-styling and working on my technique to be better than I was before. Dance has a major impact on me and it’s like second nature!

Candace Mackie

Candace Mackie

Aquatic Director

Q+A with Candace

Why do you love working with kids?

I love working with kids because they have the most creative minds in the world. They see things so differently than us and it makes you open your eyes to endless possibilities. Kids are so funny and are never afraid to be themselves and say what comes to there mind. They have so much love in the world and it makes me feel like I can do anything

What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?

Outside of Emler I’m either playing soccer, singing or at church volunteering and working with my other kids there!