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Emler Swim School of San Antonio – Stone Oak

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Emler Swim School of Stone Oak proudly serves the communities of north San Antonio. We are conveniently located on the southeast corner of Stone Oak Parkway and Canyon Golf Road in the Stone Canyon Crossing shopping center.

We’d love to find out more about how we can best serve you. Come by and take a free tour or go ahead and jump right in.

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Schedule and Pricing

  • Spring 2019
  • Summer Prep 2019
  • Summer 2019
  • Daily Lessons

SPRING 2019 – Swimming Now

Enroll Today!

Once A Week for 12 Weeks
Fully Guaranteed!

Swim Lessons (1:4 ratio): As low as $21.25 per class
Swim Team: As low as $26.25 per class

Monthly payment plans available.

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SUMMER PREP 2019 – Swimming Now

Enroll Today!

Twice A Week for 12 Weeks
Fully Guaranteed!

Swim Lessons (1:4 ratio): As low as $21.25 per class

Monthly payment plans available.

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SUMMER 2019 – Start Swimming June 9

Now Enrolling!

Once A Week for 12 Weeks
Fully Guaranteed!

Swim Lessons (1:4 ratio):
$255.00 full semester*
$21.25 per class

Swim Team:
$315.00 full semester*
$26.25 per class

*Monthly payment plans available.

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DAILY LESSONS 2019 – Start Swimming June 9

Now Enrolling!

Ten Daily Lessons for 2 Weeks
Fully Guaranteed!

Swim Lessons (1:4 ratio):
$212.50 per session
$21.25 per class

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posted Feb20

Summer 2019 Make-Up Lessons

Monday: 8:45am & 7:30pm

Saturday: 12:45 pm

Ages 2 and up:

Monday: 1:00pm & 7:30pm

Saturday: 1:00 pm

$5.00 fee for each make-up class
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director Amanda Williamson

Amanda Williamson

Amanda began lifeguarding at a water park near her home when she was sixteen during the summer. This quickly grew into a passion, and she continued to work at various aquatic facilities lifeguarding, supervising, and instructing over the next eight years.

She started her career at Emler Swim School of Austin-Westlake in March of 2014 as a Manager-in-Training while she finished her degree at the at University of Texas in Austin. After graduation, she accepted the Interim Customer Service Manager position at Emler Westlake, and was quickly named Customer Service Manager at the end of the summer. In August of 2016, Amanda was promoted to Site Director for the Westlake location. “I always wanted a career where I would wake up and be excited to walk into work! Emler Swim School provides such a fun and friendly workplace where you can build amazing relationships with your customers and the children you teach,” Amanda said. “Not only am I able to work with an incredible staff, but I am also able to impact the San Antonio community in such a profound way by teaching children to be safe in the water. I honestly feel so lucky that I stumbled upon this company!”

In her personal time, Amanda adores spending time with her son Cameron and visiting family in Seguin and New Braunfels, Texas. Whenever the weather is warm enough, you can catch her floating the Comal River or exploring all of the wonders that San Antonio has to offer. She is a huge Texas Longhorn fan, and during football and basketball season don’t be surprised to see her sporting Longhorn gear and using “Hook ‘Em” as part of her everyday vocabulary.

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Q+A with Amanda

What is the best part about working for Emler every day?

My favorite part about coming into work every day is getting the chance to hold babies, see the staff members that I love, and being able to make a difference in so many ways. I’ve always said that this is the only job where I have always been excited to come into work!

What do you believe makes you a great site director?

The love for my staff and genuine empathy I have for everyone in the facility is what makes me a great Site Director. To me, emotional intelligence is incredibly important to be successful in an upper management role.

Share a childhood memory about your experience with swim lessons.

Believe it or not, I was the screaming-bloody-murder-please-don’t-put-me-in-the-water child when I was in swim lessons. Over time and through many swim lessons, I finally fell in love with the water. My favorite memory from swim lessons was when I finally gained my confidence and got the chance to show my mom everything that I learned. I felt so accomplished! My mother continually reminds me now of how ironic it is that I run a swim school, but it helps me empathize with nervous students and their parents to help overcome their fear of water.

What favorite memory do you have from working at Emler?

I had my son within my first year of working for Emler, and I had so much support from my entire team (including the corporate office). I received emails of congratulations, hand-me-downs from upper level managers, and even a sweet baby shower gift! It meant so much to me to have a team that was so supportive during a huge change in my life. Now, I feel like my son Cameron is a part of the Emler family too!!

Share a childhood memory when you were brave and overcame fear.

I used to be very introverted and shy when I was younger, so it was a challenge to build relationships and make friends. When I was a Junior in high school, I had to perform an opening and closing ceremony before thousands of people. To say the least, I definitely overcame my stage fright and became a confident public speaker. It actually became one of my favorite parts of any job! Emler has given me so many opportunities to do what I love and enhance my skills to become a better Site Director, team player, and person.

Meagan Vargas

Meagan Vargas

Customer Service Manager

Q+A with Meagan

Why do you love working with kids?

Every child that walks into our facility is different and what I love about my job is I get to discover their strengths and develop the skills that they may lack in a loving, fun environment. While working with kids, each day brings new excitement- a new pair of shoes, a new swimsuit, something they colored, I get to be a part of it all, and that is a beautiful thing.

What do you enjoy outside of working at Emler?

On my spare time I love to cook, take pictures, watch new movies and spend time with my Goddaughter. I also volunteer for Habitat for Humanity a couple of times a month which I really enjoy as well.