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Emler Swim School of The Woodlands

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Emler Swim School The Woodlands is excited to be serving the communities of Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and Tomball! You can find us located across Interstate 45 from The Woodlands Mall in Wood Ridge Plaza.

Emler Swim School was recently named one of the 2021 Best Places to Work in Houston Business Journal!

We’d love to find out more about how we can best serve you. Call us for personalized assistance or click below to jump right in!

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Schedule and Pricing

  • Continuous Enrollment

All Greater Houston area locations are pleased to offer Continuous Enrollment!

  • What is Continous Enrollment?
    • You pick a class, enroll in that class, and stay enrolled until your swimmer completes their level and promotes into a different class or until you put in a withdrawal request. No more long-term commitments with our continuous enrollment, and we only require a 30-day notice to withdraw. 
  • How much are the lessons per month?
    • Continuous enrollment tuition prices are calculated based on a yearly (12mo) enrollment and are auto-billed monthly at $106* Holiday and scheduled facility closures are inclusive of your rate so you will be billed the same every month whether you receive 3, 4, or 5 classes in a calendar month.  Average number of lessons, when enrolled for 12 months, is 50 lessons per year.
        • Please note that the $106/month is valid for Group Classes only.
          • Private Lessons are $390 per month
          • Semi-Privates are $205.50 per month
          • Swim Team is $127.75 per month
          • Bathtime Babies is $22 per month
      • *There is a $35 non-refundable, per student anniversary fee that will be charged during the initial enrollment and each year thereafter on the month of your initial start date.*

For more FAQs about Continuous Enrollment for our Greater Houston area locations, please visit this link: Continuous Enrollment FAQs


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Swim Stations

Want more time in the pool at Emler to practice swimming? Swim Stations are here for you!

Click HERE to book a Swim Station!

We know that your kiddo loves spending time at the pool at Emler Swim School, and you would love to be able to have more time to practice skills with your child – that’s where Swim Station comes in! You can easily book time in the water  so you and your child can have some one-on-one time in the water together.

This is not a class, and you will not have a teacher there with you – this is just time for you and your child to utilize our year-round heated pools at Emler so you can practice skills together. Please note that it is a requirement for an adult guardian to enter the pool per swimmer during your Swim Station time slot.

Interested in purchasing props to use in the pool for Swim Stations or for your own private use at home? Available by age level, or a la carte! Click here to check out our Props Packages! 

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Pool Parties

Come party with us in our year-round heated pool!

Emler Swim School offers an amazing weatherproof venue for kid’s parties and events! We offer three different pool party plans for you to choose from that will best fit the vision you have in mind for your event.

Ask your location for available party dates & times - or request more information here: BOOK A SWIM PARTY 


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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your class ratios?

We’ve always had small class sizes of 3-4 kiddos, as well as private lessons, and nothing has changed. We now offer the option to form your own private group with family, friends or neighbors you know. Additionally, another option is the parent & child class, with appropriate spacing between families in the pool, where kids receive instruction from a teacher on the deck. We are monitoring and strictly adhering to all local, state and federal guidelines regarding levels of occupancy and the number of people that are allowed in gatherings so we can continue to be the healthiest, happiest pool in town.

How can I learn more about swim lessons?

You can get in touch with us in many different ways – call 855-232-2006, fill out this form or sit in on a virtual live information session that guarantees there won't be any phone tag. We host them on Zoom at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Central, Monday through Thursday. You can have your camera turned on or off, whatever you're most comfortable with! Sign up here.

How To Prepare Your Kids For a Lifetime of Swimming Safety

1. Start teaching kids water safety early.

Teaching kids to swim needs to happen as early as possible to prevent the risk of accidental drowning. Formal swim lessons result in an 88% reduction in drowning risk for children ages 1 to 4, studies have found, and children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, according to the CDC. At Emler Swim School, safety is our top priority and why we are so passionate about teaching swim lessons. We want to empower children and their families with the water safety information they need to protect themselves.

2. Teach kids in a supportive environment.

Evidence tells us that children learn best in encouraging, supportive environments. At Emler Swim School, we create a warm, safe atmosphere to help children feel free to explore and try new things that may scare them initially. We know some children find the water daunting and we want to do everything we can not only to help them feel comfortable in the water but also enjoy swimming and playing in the pool.

3. Make swimming lessons fun with positive reinforcement.

Songs, games and playing make-believe are part of the curriculum. Progress is measured and milestones are celebrated, both big and small. Through encouraging words and high-fives during every class, learning to swim is as fun as possible. While safety is our number one priority, students also learn a love for the water.

4. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Just like any skill or sport, perfect practice makes perfect. In the case of water safety, proper swimming and safety skills become muscle memory. The more a child is doing a specific activity, the more it becomes an instant reaction. If a little one finds themself unexpectedly in water, it is ideal for their instincts and muscle memory to take over without much conscious effort. One of the most popular lesson days at Emler is when the kids jump in the pool with all their clothes on so they know what it feels like to be in water in something other than bathing suits. They then turn around to the wall for a safe exit.

5. Celebrate progress!

Both small and large achievements are celebrated, as mentioned earlier. For some kids, putting their face in the water is a big step forward, so we recognize and applaud this. We have informal and formal ways of marking progress, from showering the little swimmers with praise to providing ribbons of completion at the end of a level. At Emler, swimming is made as fun and rewarding as possible while teaching the basics of water safety so all the kiddos feel confident around water.

director Angela Siebbeles

Angela Siebbeles

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe but moved to South Africa with my Family in my Sophomore year of High School. Following graduation, I attended Nursing School, earning my degree as a Registered Nurse, and spent many years working in the ER.  After getting married and starting a family, we moved to the UK where I continued my nursing career, and 10yrs after our second daughter was born, we moved to Texas.

I started my career with Emler Swim School as one of the first Instructors at the Spring Klein Location when it opened in early 2018. The love of Aquatics and the Emler Culture led me to complete my Management Training and move to The Woodlands Location as Aquatic Director. I have loved being a part of seeing this location grow and can’t wait to see how many families we have the pleasure of impacting!

Email Angela

Q+A with Angela

What is the best part of working for Emler every day?

Being able to work in a safe, fun, and caring environment. Knowing we have students who have overcome a fear of being near water and watching them progress into confident, safe, and happy swimmers is exceptionally rewarding.

What do you believe makes you a great site director?

As a company, Emler encourages and provides for both professional and personal growth, and this avenue of development is what I am so excited to be part of with such a dedicated team. Caring for and helping others in any way I can, is something I am passionate about, and by facilitating and promoting the skills within our Team, we will continue to provide the best for our Families and students.

Share a childhood memory about your experience with swim lessons.
Growing up in a hot sunny climate, very similar to Texas, swimming was an everyday activity.  Backyard pools were almost a necessity and thankfully, swim lessons were part of the Educational curriculum all the way through to High School. Some of my fondest childhood memories were spent in our pool with Family and friends during those long summers.
What favorite memory do you have from working at Emler?

Wow! I have so many great memories of working at Emler. The one that always stands out for me though is of a young boy whose Parents enrolled him into lessons after a traumatic incident years before when he first began swimming. They were all so afraid of something similar happening again, but knew that lessons were the answer. He could not speak or understand any English, but after weeks of encouragement, going at his pace and heaps of praise, we finally got him in the pool. He still swims at Emler and is now a confident and happy swimmer.

Share a childhood memory when you were brave and overcame fear.

As a young child, I had an irrational fear of having my hair cut. Even at the Hair Salon, I would sit on my Mother’s lap so she could hold me still while they attempted to cut my hair. Many years later, after cutting the hair off all my Sister’s Barbie dolls and to my Mother’s horror, even cutting my own hair, I realized it wasn’t so scary after all.

Sarae Resendiz

Sarae Resendiz

Operations Manager

Q+A with Sarae

Why do you love working with kids?
I personally love working with kids because they’re all an open book. Each kid is vastly different in how they view the world. I find it so rewarding to be able to shape them in positive ways, and to get to learn so much from them about themselves. Kids really teach us some new things as well, both personally and mentally. Being a positive role model for kids is something I’ve always strived for in my life. I’ve always said, “if I can change one kid’s life for the better, I’ve done my very best!”
What do you enjoy doing outside of Emler?
I love to travel. We have families in different parts of the country, so we love to spend quality time with them when we go out to visit.

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