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Additional Classes

Recreational Swim Team

Recreational Swim Team is a program for 6 year olds and up who are able to swim all four competitive swim strokes at least 80 feet. Coaches work with students on swimming starts, turns, endurance and stroke perfection. This is not a format to teach students new strokes. Students swim one hour per week.

Additionally, Emler swim team students at each location compete against one another each month at that location’s swim meet. This is an internal competition for each school, and swimmers are awarded prizes based on their swim times. Once per year, each location sends its fastest swimmers to the Emler Invitational Swim meet. Swimmers compete against those from other Emler facilities for prizes based on their time.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are classes that provide one-on-one instruction designed to meet the needs of the individual participant.

Semi Private Lessons
Semi-Private Lessons are lessons for two or more students designed to cater to each individual student’s needs.

On Demand Private Lessons
On Demand Private Lessons cater to the scheduling needs of busy parents. The same, personalized teaching is provided in a customized schedule.

Adult Swim Lessons

At Emler we have the utmost respect for adults who decide it’s time to learn how to swim. Adult students recognize that children can master swimming and they are determined not to be left high and dry.

Our adult swimmers are taught separately from the children, typically in the evening. They require adult curriculum to provide explanation for some of the nagging fears or discomforts they have experienced in the water.  Once a better understanding of buoyancy and water pressure have been explained, progress for adult swimmers is pretty rapid.

It’s exhilarating to master a new skill that opens up a world of recreation to you. Don’t put off calling your nearest Emler facility for adult swim lessons. We’ll soon have you swimming like a pro!

Group Special Lessons

Group Special Lessons are pre arranged lessons for schools or other groups who are invited to swim together at a predetermined scheduled time.