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Emler Swim Camps

Swim Camp Info

Daily swim lessons, or summer swim camps, are something that Emler Swim School is proud to offer during the summertime! Your child will come for a swim lesson every day M-F, for a total of 5 lessons, which give your child a short intensive experience to learn the basics of swimming.

When trying to determine if Summer Swim Camps are a good fit for you and your child, ask yourself:

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Do you want your child to hit a specific goal?

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Do you want your child to progress quickly?

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Do you need a shorter commitment so you don’t spend all summer in lessons?

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Do you need more flexibility in your schedule?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then daily swim lessons are likely perfect for you!

Whether you are wanting your child to brush up on swim skills or learn new skills before going on vacation, daily swim lessons are the perfect short-term activity for families on the go. You can take multiple sets of daily lessons if your summer schedule has several week-long openings.

Swim Camp Benefit

Benefits of Summer Swim Camps

  • Great way to prepare for summer travels or activities
  • Provides quick progress
  • Shorter commitment fits more easily into busy summer schedules
  • Same small class ratios and great instructors
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Scheduling Summer Swim Camps

  • Registration for Summer swim camps is open now!
  • You can register for just 1 week, multiple consecutive weeks, or several weeks throughout the summer.
  • We proudly host swim camps at all Emler locations.

Swim Camps

  • Daily lessons, 5 days in a row
  • Brush up on skills
  • Make quick progress
  • For ages 3 and up

Swim Lessons

  • Lessons once per week, ongoing
  • Provides consistent progress & practice
  • For ages 2 months and up

Frequently Asked Questions

For what age(s) do you offer Summer Swim Camps?

Summer Swim Camps are offered for all swimmers age 3 and up!

How are kids grouped in a class?

Just like a once per week class, Summer Dailies are grouped by age and then by swim skill.

What is the cost of Summer Swim Camps?

Please reach out to your desired location to learn more about our Summer swim camp pricing.

Can I do Summer Swim Camp if my child is also signed up for regular summer lessons?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to keep your weekly class and register for a week (or two!) of daily swim camp lessons.

What skills are taught and how do they differ from regular classes?

Teachers use the same award-winning Emler Swim Script for Dailies, so your swimmer will still learn all of the important skills taught in our traditional weekly swim lessons.

What will my child accomplish in a week?

Summer Dailies focus on our proven swim skill progression and our established benchmarks, so you still should expect to see progress across the week. Progress within the week is highly variable among children, though, so please know that some weeks you may see a lot more progress than others depending on the level of your swimmer.

What are the additional benefits of daily swim lessons?
  • Most importantly, daily swim lessons can increase your child’s water safety skills, which is vital since drownings is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 4.
  • Another benefit is that young children thrive on repetition and structure, so a daily schedule of lessons is perfect for them.
  • If your child is nervous or hesitant about the water, daily swim lessons are a way for them to acclimate to the water and swimming. This routine of one week of daily lessons can pave the way for once-a-week lessons as they build confidence and learn new skills.