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What to Expect

Mom and daughter

You Expect the Best for Your Child.

To honor your commitment, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We keep classes small with only four students per teacher for most classes, and six students per teacher for classes in which parents stay in the water with their little ones. Small class sizes ensure your child is getting individual attention, which empowers their swim teacher to truly understand their skills, personality and learning style.

At the end of class, parents are called out onto the deck for a quick recap on that day’s lesson, an update on each child’s progress and a review of class goals. Each student also performs one last swim turn to show off what they’re learning.

Our teachers are committed to getting to know each family – you’ll notice this as we start to call your child by first and last name. We help children achieve success and ensure they meet swimming goals by the end of each semester. You expect the best for your child, so we expect the best from ourselves.

Your First Day.

Ready for your big day? We’re here to make your child feel safe, comfortable and loved. To help you prepare, here’s a quick checklist. Ask our staff for more specifics before you come in:

  • Two pairs of washable,
    reusable swim pants

  • Swimsuit

  • A Change of Clothes

  • Towel

  • Bag for Wet Clothes

  • A Big Smile

Our Teachers are Committed to Your Child.

Teaching children to swim is a privilege and our passion. When your child comes to Emler, you’re making a commitment to their safety around the water. To help them achieve that goal, our commitment needs to be that much bigger.

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We’ve Been Teaching
Children to Swim for More Than 40 Years.

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