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How To Prepare for Your First Lesson

Graphic icons representing swimwear and accessories, including a blue swimsuit, blue swim trunks, a pair of swim caps, and two towels.

What To Bring

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel(s)
  • Bag for wet items
  • Change of clothes
  • Dry diaper for after class
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Two pairs of washable, reusable swim pants for children under 3.
    A pair of Emler washable, reusable swim pants for children ages 3 and under

    *We have them available for purchase at each location or online.

  • One-piece bathing suit or swim trunks, and a t-shirt for parents/guardians with child in Bathtime Babies, Level 1 or Level 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Emler’s curriculum better than other swim schools?

Emler Swim School's award-winning curriculum has been effectively teaching children to swim for almost 50 years. Our expert techniques and methodology evolve annually, keeping us on the cutting edge of aquatic education, and establishing Emler as the recognized industry leader. Other swim programs may be less expensive but typically take longer to achieve milestone skills. Emler lesson plans are goal-oriented and keep parents informed all along the way. In the long run, you may spend less money on swim lessons by enrolling with Emler rather than paying for other programs month after month without seeing skills progression in your swimmer. Because teaching swimming is our passion, everything we do is focused on safety and quality. From training every instructor for a minimum of 40 hours, and heating our pools to 90 degrees, to installing expensive ultraviolet light systems to keep our water pristine, you’ll see the value of your tuition immediately.

Teaching swimming is all we do…and we’re the BEST in town!

How do I know what level is right for my child?

Use the swim assessment to answer a few questions and learn more about your swimmer's level.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

99% of all students learn to swim independently within the first 4-5 months they are enrolled at Emler. The award-winning curriculum along with nurturing, professional teachers account for the high success rate. The watchful eye of an Emler manager can identify and assist those students who struggle to reach their swim goals. Each Emler student is evaluated for progress by a manager every four lessons (once a month).

What is your class ratio?

Emler swim classes can be no larger than 4 students for every teacher. Bathtime Babies & Level 1 classes are the exception with higher ratios, because they are parent-participation classes. Statistically, the average group class size at Emler is 3.3 students per instructor.

How long are your swim lessons?

All classes except for the swim team are 30 minutes long. Although it’s possible to keep students in the water longer, experience has taught us that 30 minutes is ideal for students to practice the skills they know and learn new skills effectively.

What props are used in Emler swim lessons?

Emler incorporates a variety of props and toys in class to make learning fun and proactive. As an example, fins are used during swim lessons because they assist in the improvement of body position and they enhance propulsion through the water. The younger the swimmer is, the more important the kick is. You will also see kickboards, various flotation devices, and dive rings being used in class (among other things)!

My child loves the props he/she uses during Emler swim lessons. Where can I buy them for home use?

The props used in Emler swim classes are always a huge favorite among kiddos so props packages are available for you to purchase to use at your pool! You can purchase the props as a complete package by class level, or you can buy them a la carte! Help your little one sharpen their swim skills on your own time with the help of these props! You can purchase them here at this link: Props for purchase

What type of training do Emler instructors do?

Emler Instructors are required to complete online curriculum training and pass an exam to continue with in-water training. If passed, our instructors will complete 30 hours of in-water training beside one of our certified veteran teachers, complete an intensive In-Water Orientation course, and pass an in-water assessment before teaching classes of their own. Emler instructors also participate in workshops and several H2O (Huddle 2 Optimize) Meetings a year. These meetings include new teaching techniques and safety improvements. EAPs (Emergency Action Plans) are also practiced regularly by each shift of teachers, so Emler instructors are ready for an emergency.

How long have your instructors been with Emler?

New and veteran instructors work at Emler, and we love filling our pools with teachers who have a caring heart and display a passion for water safety. We can’t wait to introduce you to all of our great teachers!

How do I register my child?
  • You can register online
  • If you prefer to register via phone, feel free to give us a call – 855-232-2006 – Press Option 1
  • Walk-in registrations are also welcome! If you happen to be near a location, our friendly teams can register you onsite!
Is there a registration fee?

Yes, Emler charges an annual registration fee. The registration fee helps with the cost of administrative expenses. We also pay for insurance for each student with this fee. Registration fees are nonrefundable.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

No, Emler does not currently offer sibling discounts.

Do you offer a free trial class?

Yes, we offer free trial classes for families who prefer to start with that. Please contact us to learn more

What do I need to bring to each lesson?
  • Swimsuit
  • Two pairs of washable, reusable swim pants if your child is age 3 or younger. The 2 pairs of reusable swim pants should be placed underneath the child’s bathing suit, or can just be worn without swimsuit bottoms over them if preferred. There is no need to wear a swim diaper in addition to this, just the 2 pairs of reusable swim pants

Three blue swimsuits and trucks icons with towel icon

  • If your child is in Bathtime Babies, Level 1 or Level 2, the parent/guardian who will be in the water should also bring a bathing suit (one-piece for women, swim trunks for men) and a t-shirt to wear on top (any t-shirt is fine)
  • Towel(s) for child and/or parent/guardian, if applicable
  • Optional goggles, if your swimmer prefers them
  • Bag for wet clothes and towels
  • Change of clothing for you and/or your child
  • Dry diaper for after swim class, if applicable
Where do I park?

Each Emler Swim School location has its dedicated parking lot on site. Please reach out to the location directly if you have specific questions about parking.

How early should I arrive for my child’s lesson?

On your first day, consider arriving 15 minutes early so that you and your child can get a quick tour of the building and sign any forms that may need your signature. During most swim days, we recommend arriving about 5 minutes early.

What should I do to mentally prepare my child for swim lessons?

Swim lessons at Emler are FUN, and we want children to be excited to come to class each week, but we know that sometimes with new adventures, little ones can have many emotions going into it. Be sure to tell your child where they are going and what they will be doing, and help answer any questions for them in a positive and excited tone. We also find it’s helpful for families to make sure they prepare themselves for swim class ahead of time (such as getting swimsuits and towels ready) so that it's not a hurried and stressful time getting to and from class.

What is your makeup lesson policy?

Each location offers make-up lessons. You can find your location’s make-up lesson schedule on their respective location page here on our website, or by asking the staff at the location you attend. Makeup Lesson Policy

  • Makeup Lessons can be purchased for $15.00 each and are issued in the form of Makeup Tokens
  • A limit of 2 Makeup Tokens can be purchased per semester.
  • Makeup tokens can be redeemed for any open spot in your class level no more than 6 days in advance.
  • Makeup tokens will expire 4 months from the issue date.
  • Makeup tokens will not be re-issued for missed makeup lessons.
  • No refund will be issued for unused tokens.
  • All unused makeup tokens will expire on your drop date at the end of the semester.
What is your refund policy?

Emler swim lessons are fully guaranteed, and we are committed to delivering a world class swim lesson and experience. We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure your child achieves the goals of the session in a positive, nurturing, and safe environment. In support of the Guarantee and commitment, Emler continually invests in our facilities and equipment. Likewise, we commit significant resources to training our teachers and staffing so your child has a path to continuous improvement. As a result of these commitments, Emler’s lessons are non-refundable.

Active Duty Military

Refunds will be issued to any active duty military customer who requests a refund and provides evidence of permanent change of station (PCS) orders occurring during the registered semester.

How warm is your pool?

Our indoor pools are about 88-90 degrees year round!

Is the pool clean?

Emler Swim School is one of the few facilities in town that has invested in an ultraviolet light system which is the only proven method to kill all dangerous germs such as cryptosporidium. Our pools are monitored continually and fed chemicals electronically the very moment a change in chlorine or pH is indicated. However, the pools are also tested manually throughout the day in case the equipment malfunctions.

Are there changing rooms onsite?

All Emler Swim School locations provide changing rooms and bathrooms for both you and your child.

My child loves Emler and wants to have a birthday party here. Do you offer birthday parties?
  • We sure do! Emler Swim School offers an amazing weatherproof venue, where you and your family can make a splash for any celebration all year long!
  • Learn more about pool parties
Can I host a birthday party at Emler if my child is not a current student?
  • Certainly! We welcome anyone to host parties at our pools. You do not have to be enrolled at Emler Swim School to host a party at any of our locations.
  • Learn more about pool parties