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Pool Parties

Children, and their parents, can splash and play in heated indoor pools under the watchful eyes of  certified lifeguards and water watchers. After pool time, a private party room is provided for continued celebration. Best of all, Emler allows you to bring up to 30 guests at no additional cost! Customized Emler Evite party invitations are now available (see below).

Due to popular demand, we recommend calling in advance to secure your best party date and time. Current customers recieve a 30% discount on party rental!  Rental fee for your two hour, Emler pool party does not include decorations, pool toys or refreshments.

Children under the age of 4 need an adult (who will not count against the guest count) to get in the water with them. Because safety is a top priority at Emler Swim School, we require a guardian to stay for the duration of the party. We invite the adults to help keep a watchful eye on the pool. Ask us about being a “Water Watcher.”

All children under the age of 3 must wear two reusable swim pants in the pool, even if potty-trained.  Emler Swim School is committed to keeping our swimming pools clean, safe and pristine for everyone.

A limited number of lifejackets are available for children who are not completely comfortable swimming during the party.

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