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Littles (ages 2-35 mos) 3 levels
Bathtime Babies Level 1 Level 2
Tots (age 3) 3 levels
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Kids (age 4+) 4 levels
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Advanced (age 6+) 2 levels + Swim Team
Level 10 Level 11 STEALTH Swim Team
Bathtime Babies
age: 2 to 5 months

Bathtime Babies

Age: 2-5 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 12:1 Adult Participation: Yes

Bond with your baby as you enjoy one-on-one pool time while you both learn water safety skills to make bathtime feel more like playtime! Your baby will learn how to pick their head up if they end up face down in the bath and you’ll learn how to use bathtime at home to make your baby feel more comfortable around water all while having fun.

Level 1
age 6 to 35 months

Level 1

Age: 6-35 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 6:1 Adult Participation: Yes

Babies and toddlers who are 6 months+ progress into Level 1, where they will begin to learn our unique “Jump, Turn, Swim” methodology which teaches children to turn around in the water and swim back to the edge to safety. Level 1 swimmers also learn how to go underwater for a full 10 seconds, which is the beginning of water safety and swimming.

Level 2
age 24 to 35 months

Level 2

Age: 24-35 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: Yes, first few weeks
Kick 5ft through water 10 second breath control

Your child will begin learning more advanced swimming skills such as consistent kicking and independent rescue. By the end of this class, they will be able to kick through the water twice as far as they were able to at the beginning (from 5 feet to 10 feet).

What’s Your Level?

Use our specialized assessment tool to determine what swim lessons level your child should be enrolled in.


Our Progressive Curriculum

Our curriculum is comprised of 11 thoughtful levels, each with their own unique milestones for advancement. Every child starts at the level most appropriate for their age and skill level and makes progress each week against the milestones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Emler start swim lessons for babies as young as 2 months old?

Newborns are fresh from the aquatic environment in the womb. They don’t know they’re land animals yet, so this is a perfect time to introduce them to water. We invite you and your baby to join our Bathtime Babies® or Level 1 classes.

These half-hour classes once per week give you and your baby the unique opportunity to enjoy buoyancy in a non-threatening, warm environment. With the guidance of an experienced swim instructor, activities in class are designed to familiarize young students with the comfort and joy of water.

Each level of our Swim Script® curriculum is designed to prepare your child for success at their next level.

Will I join my child in the pool?

Yes, we have learned that young children learn best when their parent (or another loved one) joins them in class. They love and trust YOU, which can help our instructors build comfort in class and in the water to result in faster progression towards water safety.

Does Emler teach ISR?

Emler Swim School does not use back float drown-proofing to teach babies survival in the water. Although we agree that there is a real and present danger of drowning for toddlers, we disagree philosophically with this survival method of teaching. Emler Swim School does successfully teach babies and toddlers to swim. More importantly we teach safety techniques that have resulted in hundreds of our students recovering from accidental falls into pools by saving themselves. We have devoted the past 49 years to developing effective young swimmers by using nurturing and effective teaching techniques. We invite all families to visit their nearest Emler facility to witness babies confidently jumping into the water and swimming back to the wall.

Do your Bathtime Babies instructors go through any additional training?

Yes, our infant swim teachers go through additional training to be the very best instructors for your baby! We want you to experience the best of Emler Swim School, as we look to impact the water safety skills of our infants and toddlers.