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Letter from an Emler Grandparent: Emler Saved My Granddaughter

Jul 10, 2016

Authored by Emlerswim

July 10, 2016

Here’s a story I’m so happy to tell. My seven-year-old granddaughter took swim lessons at the Plano Emler Swim School with Sara Burek being the coach, starting when she was about two years old. Today I don’t have to worry as much when she’s in the pool. I watch her closely still, but I know she’ll get to the side without too much effort.

We were so pleased with the results of this training that when our second grandchild came along, we knew we would also give her swim lessons. So far, she’s gone for about the last five or so weeks of the spring semester and is currently in the summer session.

About a week ago, our daughter and her husband along with both girls were swimming, enjoying the beautiful day and the warm weather. When pizza arrived they both become busy setting it up and getting things ready to eat. Of course, this was when the two year old fell in where the water was over her head. They both heard the splash, and by the time my daughter could make it to the baby, she had reached for the edge, grabbed it and was puling herself out.

It was difficult to face the fact that the baby had fallen in, but I was extremely elated that she knew what to do!!

I told the family that this one incident meant all the days of taking the girls to swim had just become worth every minute and every penny of it.

Thank you Emler Swim School and thank you for coaches — such as Sarah — that have the gift of teaching babies and toddlers to swim.

From a grateful grandmother,

Wanda L.