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First-Time Job Seekers: Interview Questions to Ask and Answer

January 5, 2022

Are you a job seeker and unsure of how to prepare for your next interview? Worry not. Here is a list of questions that you could ask during a job interview, as well as suggestions on how to answer several common interview questions.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

All of your interviews will have a handful of questions that are the same: What are your salary requirements? How did you hear about this job? Tell me a little about yourself. These kinds of questions are open-ended to allow you to share with the employer what makes you special and, more importantly, hirable. These questions may be asked repeatedly in different ways, so have your answers ready.

You may also be asked certain questions to find out more about your personality, skills, and abilities. The following are questions you should be prepared to answer, and this is only a starting point. Make sure to do more research, prepare your answers, and—most importantly—practice your responses.

Finally, always be prepared for questions that may seem totally unrelated to the job itself. Some interviewers like to ask weird questions just to see how you think, so keep your wits about you and be ready to answer any question.

Questions You Could Ask the Interviewer

You should always come to an interview with questions to ask. It shows further interest in the job and can communicate how you approach situations and how invested you are. Some questions are to find out more about the job itself and some are to uncover what type of working environment a company has. Here are a few questions to consider asking:

Remember that you can always go in with a typed or handwritten list of questions. People bring and take notes in meetings, so showing up prepared demonstrates your seriousness about the position.

Now go forth and interview like a pro!

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