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How To Plan a Fantastic Kids Pool Party

Feb 25, 2021

Authored by Emlerswim

Indoor pool parties are a perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday party. One great thing about having a party indoors is that it’s weatherproof! No matter what the weather is outside, it’s always perfect inside for a pool party. To help you make the event a hit, we’ve got seven tips for planning the best kids pool party your community has ever seen.

1. Plan ahead

It’s really never too early to start planning your child’s party. We recommend trying to start about four months ahead of time to make sure you get the date and time you want at your facility of choice. Once you have the specifics planned out, you’re off the starting block and the tide will keep you going!

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at an all-inclusive place

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Planning a kid’s pool party doesn’t have to be hard. Ask your venue if they have someone who can help on the day of the party to be an extra set of hands. You want to be able to enjoy the party with your child and having a day of party helper will be a huge advantage for you.

This is one reason that makes all-inclusive the way to go. Instead of piecing together parts of the party, going somewhere like Emler Swim School where everything is taken care of under one roof lightens your load. Food, drinks, utensils, clean-up – the majority of the work before and during the party belongs to someone else so you can enjoy your child’s special day.

If you want to bring your own food instead, ask the venue if they have a preferred vendor list. Those eateries are more likely to be able to deliver what you need on time and have a track record of good service.

When finding the perfect pool, be sure to ask what the party coordinator will be responsible for. You’re likely wanting someone to keep the party on schedule, an outgoing person who can guide people to the important places (like the bathroom!), and someone who will handle food set-up and clean-up duties. They should also have a few tricks up their sleeve like games and activities to keep the party flowing and the kids engaged. 

Also ask the venue about decorations and what they will provide and what you’re allowed to bring in terms of banners, balloons and paper goods.

3. Send digital invites

This is not only an eco-friendlier way to share your party details, but it also makes it easier for parents to find those details in their email with a simple search or add the pool party to their calendars. Plus, you can save on the cost of printing and postage!

4. Enlist assistance with party pics

After all the fun has been had, you’ll want photos that put a smile on your face as you remember the day. Ask parents at the party to take pics using a specific hashtag or tag you in the pics. This allows you to see the party from everyone’s point of view and have memories saved!

5. Plan fun & safe games

So there’s never a dull moment, brainstorm game ideas ahead of time to keep all the children engaged. A few favorites from the Emler Swim School staff are:

  • Sharks and Minnows – One person starts as the shark, tagging all the minnows as they try to cross from one end of the pool to the other. When a minnow is tagged, they become another shark in the next minnow crossing. The last minnow swimming wins.
  • Marco Polo – One person with their eyes closed tries to tag other people. At the beginning, the tagger counts to 10 while others scatter. Then, the tagger yells out “Marco,” while everyone else has to answer with “Polo.” The tagger repeats “Marco” and  listens for “Polo,” trying to follow the voices until they tag everyone out.
  • Races – You can host individual races, or create teams to do a relay race. Choose how many pool lengths the race will be and pick a judge to watch the finish line. 

6. Takes steps for safety

Ask the pool where the party will be hosted if they will have lifeguards on duty. At Emler Swim School, two lifeguards are active during all birthday parties.

If no lifeguards are available at your pool, organize a group of parent volunteers who can act as designated water watchers – adults who take turns focusing only on the activity in the water. This means no distractions like phones or socializing. Switch every 15 minutes to give everyone a break. This is one of the layers of protection to prevent drownings.

Be sure to have life jackets on hand for any children who might feel more comfortable wearing them. The pool might also have life jackets available. Just ask.

Additionally, in the age of the coronavirus, plan to provide hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes. Communicate safety protocols with all the parents invited so everyone is on the same page. Also, consider the technology of the pool where the party will be held. All Emler Swim School pools have UV filters that kill dangerous germs and inactivate viruses, along with advanced water purification systems. Plus, our air filtration systems bring in fresh air to the facilities an incredible eight times an hour.

7. Give mindful party favors

A general rule to follow about party favors: If you don’t want your child to receive it, then don’t give it. If you can’t stand when your child comes home with a handful of sugar in the form of candy, then don’t pass it out at the conclusion of your kid’s pool party.

Here are some fun ideas that won’t involve other parents plotting their revenge:

  • Small pack of crayons and a notebook
  • Swim- or ocean-themed pencils, erasers or stickers
  • Bubbles
  • Magnetic picture frames
  • Small inflatable beach balls

Following these tips and with the help of some friends and a party host, your kid’s pool party can go off without a hitch. 

To learn more about pool parties at Emler Swim School, call 855-232-2006 or contact us.