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It’s Tough to Become a Teacher at Emler

January 3, 2014

Recently a family friend asked my advice about which teacher I would recommend for their child at Emler Swim School. After I thought about it for a moment, I realized that I could honestly recommend any of them!

It occurred to me that most people have no idea how careful we are when we hire our teachers. The truth is, the odds are stacked against most people from ever becoming an Emler teacher.

It might be easier to become a rock star than to become a teacher at Emler Swim School.

We know that your child’s success in swimming hinges on exceptional curriculum introduced by genuinely caring teachers.

So our corporate managers and trainers spend more than 60 hours finding and training each individual new teacher at Emler, while all the time watching to make sure the candidate fits our loving culture.

It is rewarding to know that all of the hours spent searching, interviewing and training our teachers is well worth it, and I truly would recommend any of them.