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Staff Spotlight: Four Questions with Jen Hylton

Aug 17, 2016

Authored by Emlerswim

1. What brought you to Emler Swim School?
After graduating high school I started looking for job opportunities to help get me through college. After a few weeks of "dead ends" my friend, Leslie Wolfe, suggested I come interview at Emler. She would be leaving for Texas Tech and knew that they would need someone to replace her. I had worked with children before, and I loved being in the pool! So, I went in for my interview, and yes I'm going to say it... the rest is history.

2. Describe the most surprising or unexpected thing you've learned since joining the Emler team?
As crazy as it sounds, the most surprising thing that I have learned, is teaching children how to swim. As I went through my training, as I watched other instructors teach their classes, I wondered if I had what it took to be a successful swim teacher? I've realized through the years that it's more than just following a script and knowing what to correct, it's developing a relationship with each child. Once they know that you love them, that you are there for them, they begin to trust you. It's at that moment when you're able to teach that child to swim. I remember a story Jan told many years ago at one of our meetings. She had hired this young lady, very impressive background, had swam competitively for many years. Taught maybe her first few classes then asked her deck manager for a restroom break...she never came back. At that moment Jan said, it takes more than knowledge, it takes a special person to be able to teach these little ones how to swim. I will never forget that story....

3. When you think about the best part of your day, what stands out?
The best part of my day is seeing those adorable little faces smashed up against the window waiting for class to start! I love the hellos, the hugs and kisses, and the parents informing me that their child has been wearing their swimsuit all week just waiting for swim class. I love it! Though nothing compares to the joy on parents faces when they see their child swim for the first time...by themselves.

4. What one piece of advice would you have for someone wanting to join Emler to do what you do?
If I could only give one piece of advice it would be this, to never think of Emler Swim School as just another job. We are in the business of saving lives. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations, class goals, etc... but in the end our top priority is the safety of each individual child. That should never be taken lightly.

Jennifer Hylton has been teaching with Emler for 20 years, providing swimmers of all ages at Emler Swim School of Plano the highest degree of Safety with a Splash of Love!

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