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Swimmer Spotlight – Peyton with Maria Campbell

October 21, 2016

1. What’s it like being a former Emler Swim School site director who has now watched her son go through basically the entire Emler swim program?
I knew it was a program I could trust. I had a good understanding of the program and the teachers’ training. I was very comfortable with teachers and got to enjoy watching my son learn.

2. What was the most memorable or rewarding thing about working at Emler?
The moment a child “gets it”; the pure excitement and joy on their faces.

3. What do you like best about Emler Swim School from a customer standpoint?
The teacher/child bond that is built. The lasting friendship Peyton has made with his classmates.

4. What does your son Peyton enjoy most about swimming at Emler?

5. Can you tell us some of the reasons why you feel swimming is so important?
Swimming is a life skill everyone should learn. No one is drown proof. Everyone needs to learn about water safety and how to protect themselves.

Peyton currently participates in the X-treme Swimmers level at Emler Swim School of Plano, and has swam with Emler for almost eight years.

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