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Testimonial Tuesday | Anderson Mill

Jul 09, 2019

Authored by Emlerswim

Dear Jen,

I want to reach out to tell you how much our family has enjoyed (loved) being part of the Emler family since our son, Paul R. 3/10/13, was 5 months old!!! We never missed a semester until this summer.  Paul completed Extreme Swimmers and decided he did not want to continue with the swim team.  He wants to devote time to basketball and maybe hockey!!

We started on 8/26/13 (I have an uncanny recollection of dates) with the original north Austin location on Anderson Mill Rd.  Paul grew up at Emler in so many ways.  Tears come to my eyes when I think of the nearly 6 years we have been a part of Emler!!  Paul is young and may (fingers crossed) return to be a member of the swim team.

During the years, our lives were touched by the MANY wonderful Emler team-members we have been so fortunate to have worked with along the way. In Austin- Darcy (I adore Darcy. Fantastic individual), Megan (forgetting her last name- she was a site director), Jacie (Austin/RR), Alyx (Austin/RR), Amy (site director RR), Julia (RR), so many teachers I can’t name them all!!! And I am sad that I am forgetting their names but please do review Paul’s file and please give KUDOS to ALL of these AMAZING teachers.  We never had a negative experience.  One time we had a male teacher that was too quiet to effectively deal with our high-energy, many times testing teachers limits- kiddo when he was young, but I loved him.  I said to Darcy if I had a daughter his age I would want them to date! LOL. I’m sorry I can’t recall his name. Such a compassionate guy.

I am a HUGE Emler advocate if you can’t tell by now and my promise is that I will continue referring parents to this amazing school which is a true gem.

Fondly and so appreciatively,