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Why Emler Swim School is THE Place to Work

Sep 15, 2021

Authored by Emlerswim

How would you like to work for an award-winning company that teaches valuable skills to kids and is tons of fun? You can if you look into working at one of our 31 Emler Swim School locations. Emler consistently wins “best places to work” awards in the many cities where we are located – from Austin to Houston to Dallas to Kansas City – and we continue to grow our teams.

What You Get When You Work at Emler

Although safety is the bedrock of the Emler culture, the team at each Emler location has fun in and out of the water. It’s a positive environment with a fun-loving vibe and a genuine company culture that grows from having employees who have fun together, enjoy team-building opportunities, and even participate in exciting employee outings that build relationships with their colleagues. Staff T-shirts and Emler swag is provided for you, and the dress code is very casual compared to other environments so you can be comfortable and relaxed every day that you work at Emler.

The best part of being on the Emler team is that we offer a set schedule that works perfectly for students or those seeking work hours outside of your typical 9 to 5. It isn’t your typical, boring desk job. Since swim teacher shifts are scheduled and offered in advance, you benefit from being able to plan around your schedule. You can schedule other parts of your life, whether you have school, family obligations, sports, or anything else to work around.

We also provide all the necessary training for you to succeed as an Emler swim instructor, so no prior specialized experience is needed. We give you the initial training and support that you need, as well as any ongoing training as you progress in your career, and you don’t have to pay a dime for it. Plus, if you earn your lifeguard certification, you will be rewarded with higher pay.

Emler’s emphasis on training and safety helps you become one of the best swim instructors around, but water safety proficiency isn’t the only skill you’ll gain. Emler provides all kinds of “cross training” – employees can learn new skills in addition to their aquatic ones, such as communication best practices, customer service skills, recruitment, even new ventures and operations process improvement. Plus, if you are looking to grow with a company, Emler is perfect because it was named one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in the SMU Cox Dallas 100 in 2020.

What Emler Looks For in Swim Instructors

Here are a few characteristics that Emler is always looking for in new recruits:

  1.     People who love to work with kids
  2.     People who are very responsible and dependable
  3.     People who are passionate about water safety
  4.     People who can adapt to any situation
  5.     People who communicate well with adults and children
  6.     People who know how to have fun!

Does this sound like you? Check out our openings.

There Is Always Room for Growth

The training begins with a new staff orientation and onboarding, including the consistent processes and tools that Emler has in place to familiarize each new team member with the company and the specific job. It begins from the moment an offer is made and continues throughout your career with Emler. We will provide consistent growth and development opportunities for each individual as they work toward their goals at Emler.

The great thing about becoming an Emler swim instructor is that we will help you become an expert on our award-winning curriculum, including why we prefer the traditional swim lesson approach when it comes to basic swim instruction. There are several different approaches to teaching children to swim, and we think ours is the best, of course. Hundreds of satisfied parents and happy kids are proof that our approach works!

Why a Career at Emler is Rewarding

There is nothing more important and rewarding than teaching kids a skill that could potentially save their lives. Other coaching and sports positions may be fun, but you can really make a difference in a child’s life when you teach them how to swim. You are given the opportunity to empower each child by helping them learn how to rescue themselves when in any body of water.

Beyond the swimming skills, many Emler students leave class with much more confidence both in and out of the water. When a child realizes they have mastered a new skill, they then feel more confident to learn other skills. This leads to more exploration of areas that they may have been afraid of previously. A boost in confidence can go a long way for any child’s self-esteem.

In addition, our students aren’t the only ones who learn and grow while at Emler. Our staff members also learn and develop professionally as they work. They acquire important skills that are readily transferable into other parts of life, such as public speaking, communications, customer service, teaching, time management, and more. So come work for Emler, join the fun, and become a valuable team member today!