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Why Emler Swim School Partners with Local Nonprofits

Jan 15, 2021

Authored by Emlerswim

The mark of a good business is not just how much money they make but also how they take care of the people that surround them. Emler Swim School prides itself on partnering with local nonprofits because those organizations are critical to the infrastructure of our communities.

What happens when business don’t support nonprofits? Local children can remain underfed and healthcare issues can worsen, among other things. Rather than just be in the community, Emler chooses to strengthen it.

Emler lifts up nonprofits in two main ways:

  1. Give them the assistance they need, whether that’s in the form of canned goods, donated clothing, or anything else they are lacking through collections at its locations
  2. Raise awareness about their efforts so everyone in the community can either help the cause or receive aid if they are in need

When partnering with a local nonprofit, Emler asks which months of the year each organization has the most need, as this helps the specific organization get what it must have when its services are most in demand. While we tend to think about giving to charities during the holiday season or during specific fundraisers, some nonprofits have busy seasons that might not line up when giving is top of mind. Emler wants to help when it can have the most impact.

Raising awareness is also an important element in Emler’s support role. Emler Swim School has 30 locations and tens of thousands of families in its circle, which can provide a boost to any nonprofit partners about local needs and ways that individuals and families can help. And even if Emler families are aware of a specific nonprofit’s efforts, a gentle reminder never hurts.

“There are so many incredible nonprofits uplifting our community and doing critical work. As part of the community, we want to make sure we’re doing our part and shining a spotlight on them,” said Greg Laird, Emler Swim School CEO.

One example is Emler’s partnership with Lovepacs, a local nonprofit organization that primarily serves children who qualify for free or reduced lunches. Prior to extended school breaks, Lovepacs provides meals to these kids when the food they receive from the local backpack program is not enough. Through the month of October Emler collected food at all 10 of its DFW locations for the charity. Lovepacs has served more than 7,000 children in 200-plus schools in 10 Texas school districts each holiday break, and Emler is proud to help be part of their efforts.

Again, it would be easier to just stick to the business of teaching kids how to swim, but Emler prefers to actively support the local charities that help local kids and families in need. Look for upcoming partnerships in our weekly newsletter.