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Intro Offers

At Emler Swim School, we don’t just teach swim lessons, we guarantee that your child will learn to swim. We firmly believe every child has the ability to become a swimmer. It’s our job to help them find that ability, starting as young as 2 months old.

To help determine where your child should begin, sign up for one of our intro offers to experience being Emler Sure.

Bathtime Babies®

Ages 2 – 5 months

One semester of 30-minute lessons that teach parents socialization and bonding techniques to introduce infants to water and build comfort for developing swim skills. Note: Each Bathtime Babies class requires a $5 fee.

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Waterbabies Orientation

Ages 6 months – 35 months

One 30-minute session introducing parent and child to swimming techniques and buoyancy.

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Swim Skills Evaluation

Ages 3+

One 10-minute, one-on-one evaluation to accurately place your child in one of our 20-level Swim Script classes that fit them best.

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