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Emler Swim School of San Antonio – Schertz

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Emler Swim School of Schertz proudly serves the communities of northeast San Antonio. We are conveniently located in the Four Oaks Plaza shopping center, near the intersection of FM 3009 and Interstate Highway 35.

We’d love to find out more about how we can best serve you. Come by and take a free tour or go ahead and jump right in.

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  • Summer 2020


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director Melissa Magee

Melissa Magee

My family is from Mississippi, but we moved to Texas during my childhood years and have lived in various parts ever since. I have a twin sister and two much younger siblings who are close to my children’s ages. Throughout high school, I was active in dancing and marching band. Right before college, my family moved to San Antonio. I graduated from UTSA with a BA in Humanities. It was there that I met my future husband, and we have now been married for 26 years. I stayed home with my children for twelve years before beginning my career in the swim industry. I started 13 years ago and am still going strong! I am an avid reader and believe lifelong learning is one of my biggest strengths. I also love hiking, backpacking and spending time outside in the garden. Learning a new role with Emler Swim School has been a wonderful experience so far. I can’t wait to continue growing and learning with this family!

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Q+A with Melissa

What is the best part about working for Emler every day?

I love meeting new families, talking with children and building those relationships. I never know each day what I will learn about someone’s life. I especially love watching children accomplish new things! The experience of swimming is a beautiful thing to share.

What do you believe makes you a great site director?

I love supporting staff and creating a space for growth and new experiences. Learning as a team is very important to me – learning together, growing together, serving together. I have a passion for helping people and feel that being a Site Director is a perfect way for me to do what fills my heart. Even the inevitable challenges are opportunities to learn and grow.

Share a childhood memory about your experience with swim lessons.

My twin and I spent the day with our dad at the public pool, our feet dangling in the pool, splashing a little. We were tired and probably sun-kissed, eating Chik-O-Stiks and drinking Mountain Dew while the sun got lower and lower in the sky. A fun-filled day of playing in the water!

What favorite memory do you have from working at Emler?

My favorite memory working at Emler (so far) was one of our trainings when the team was together having fun, learning, growing and laughing. I think about the laughter all the time!

Share a childhood memory when you were brave and overcame fear.

When I was little, I was the one who never wanted to jump in the water or get her face wet. My sister and I were at the large indoor high school pool that had a big diving board. I knew how to swim by then but had never jumped from that high. It took me a long, long time to get the nerve to jump but I finally did it! And of course, I did it again and again after that!

Claudia Gomez

Claudia Gomez

Customer Service Manager

Q+A with Claudia

Why do you love working with kids?

I love being around the positive and fun energy kiddos bring with them. It also brings me a lot of joy to know that I am able to impact their lives in such a positive way.

What do you enjoy outside of working at Emler?

Two of my favorite pastimes are cooking and watching movies. If I can do those two things with my family/friends, I am a happy gal!

Kara Quick

Kara Quick

Aquatic Director

Q+A with Kara

Why do you love working with kids?

I love working with kids because they bring so much joy and fun when you are around them. I love watching them grow and watching their successes.

What do you enjoy outside of working at Emler?

I love to spend my time with my son or being active outdoors or the gym.