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On a Mission for Water Safety

Far too often, we see news of yet another child drowning in a backyard pool. This breaks the hearts of everyone at Emler. Even more tragic is that these accidents are preventable. Through formal swim lessons, focused supervision, pool barriers and CPR skills, parents can drastically reduce pool drowning on a community scale.

Despite these facts, drowning remains the #1 cause of death for young children. And Texas leads the nation in the number of preschool children who drown in pools.

Emler is working to help all children learn to be safer in and around the water through the skills we teach, and by being the primary, major sponsor of Lone Star Lifesavers, a non-profit water safety organization. Together we can help parents and pool owners to learn proven pool safety steps that can save children’s lives.

Lone Star Lifesavers

Lone Star Lifesavers has declared war on childhood drowning. They are attacking this totally preventable tragedy on two fronts.

  1. Educating parents of preschool children. Lone Star Lifesavers provides water safety presentations to parent groups to share life saving tips and distributes Water Watcher Tags.
  2. Teaching low-income children how to swim. Underprivileged children in low-income apartments lack the skills to save themselves and yet live with a swimming pool water hazard by their front door.

Each summer, Lone Star Lifesavers provides swim lessons and free lifejackets for at-risk children, and water safety training for their parents in low-income apartments in our community.

To learn how you can join the fight to prevent childhood drownings or to make a tax deductible donation, go to