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Pool Parties Frisco

Come party with us in our year-round heated pool!

Imagine being able to splash with your child in an indoor heated pool at any point in the year. At Emler Swim School, you and your child can have a pool party with up to 30 kids year-round. During a pool party, two certified lifeguards are provided to ensure that everyone is safe. Lifeguards are included in the price of the party package.

The fun continues after time in the water with a celebration in our private party room.

Secure your party reservation as soon as possible as dates and times fill up quickly. Currently, we are offering a 20% discount on all party rentals for current customers! While you can provide party decorations and pool toys for your guests, they are not included in your rental fee unless you spring for our enhanced party options.

Also, any guests under 4 years old need an adult with them, but this will not count against your total guest count of 30 kids. We require having adults near young children because safety is our main focus at Emler Swim School. Each supervising adult provides the additional eyes that keep their child safe. If you are unsure what is required of you as a “water watcher,” just ask! We’re happy to provide you with helpful guidelines.

We require that all children under 3 years of age wear two reusable swim pants while in the pool. This includes children who are potty trained.

At Emler Swim School, our goal is to provide a safe swimming environment for everyone. If your child is not completely confident in the water, we do have some life jackets available so that they can enjoy the fun of a pool party and feel secure.

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We have three Pool Party Packages: 

Option 1: $330

Option 2: $415

Option 3: $550

  Add Ons/Upgrades: 

Is my child safe at an Emler Swim School party?

We require our managers, lifeguards and instructors to engage in ongoing training to maintain their skills. They take part in regular training sessions and we continually evaluate their performance.

It’s important to understand that while we have trained staff, the watchful eyes of parents are also important. As a general rule, we ask that every child has a parent or guardian with them at all times, actively watching their child/ren. This is important because trained lifeguards are available to prevent emergencies but they cannot discipline your child or escort them to the restroom. As our priority is safety, we ask that you watch your children.

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*To receive printed invitations on time, the party must be booked a minimum of 3 weeks ahead of the party date.*