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Benefits of Infant Swim Lessons

Enrolling your child in baby swim school early is the best way to ensure their success in the water. The benefits of infant swim lessons include: 

Swim Camp Benefit
  • Water safety
  • One-on-one bonding time in the pool
  • Comfort in the water
  • Fun memories

Infant Swim Classes

Dive into the joy of parent-child bonding with our infant swim classes that encourage active participation in the pool, creating a delightful "parent and me" experience. Our baby swim lessons, starting as early as 2 months old, capitalize on the natural affinity newborns have for water after their time in the womb. With half-hour sessions each week, you and your little one can relish the buoyancy of water play in a comfortable setting, guided by experienced swim instructors. Whether you're in our Bathtime Babies or Level 1 class, both you and your baby will soon eagerly anticipate this cherished weekly activity!

Littles (ages 2-35 mos) 3 levels
Bathtime Babies Level 1 Level 2
Tots (age 3) 3 levels
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Kids (age 4+) 4 levels
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Advanced (age 6+) 2 levels + Swim Team
Level 10 Level 11 STEALTH Swim Team

Bathtime Babies

age: 2 to 5 months
Age: 2-5 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 12:1 Adult Participation: Yes

In our bathtime baby swim class, you’ll both enjoy one-on-one pool time and learn water safety skills to make bathtime more fun. During these infant swimming lessons, parents learn how to pick up their child’s head if they end up face down in the bath and how you can use bathtime at home to acclimate your baby to water.

  • Acclimating baby to water through bathtime
  • How to pick child’s head up if they go face down in the bath

Level 1

age 6 to 35 months
Age: 6-35 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 6:1 Adult Participation: Yes

During Emler’s Level 1 baby swim classes infants and toddlers learn our “Jump, Turn, Swim” method to turn around in the water and swim back to the edge for safety and continue learning how to hold their breath underwater, kick, and float on their back.

  • “Jump, Turn, Swim” method
  • Hold breath underwater
  • Kick
  • Float on back

Private Swim Lessons

Private baby swim lessons are offered for infants and parents who might benefit more from a one-on-one environment and can also be used to supplement group swim classes for children who want more focused time to master a specific swimming skill.

Emler offers private swim lessons at all our locations across Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana, and Colorado.

Find a Swim School Near You

Empower your child with a life-saving skill and open the door to a world of aquatic adventures! Discover the transformative impact of Emler’s award-winning curriculum at any of our 30+ baby swim schools across Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio), Oregon (Portland), Kansas (Kansas City), Indiana (Fort Wayne), and Colorado (Colorado Springs). Every splash propels them towards a lifetime of water enjoyment. Secure your infant's spot now and let the journey begin!


Parents and kids both love Emler! See why we have a 4.8+-star average Google review:

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can Your Child Start Swim Lessons?

We start swimming lessons for babies as young as 2 months old. We invite you and your baby to join our Bathtime Babies® or Level 1 class to start learning the joys of swimming.

What Do I Need to Bring to My Infant’s Swim Class?

Parents should bring the following items to their baby’s swim class:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel(s)
  • Bag for wet items
  • Change of clothes
  • Dry diaper for after class
  • Two pairs of washable, reusable swim pants for children 3 and under.
    • We have them available for purchase at each location or online

Three blue swimsuits and trucks icons with towel icon

  • One-piece bathing suit or swim trunks & t-shirt for parents/guardians with child in Bathtime Babies, Level 1 or Level 2
  • Goggles optional
How Long is an Average Swim Lesson?

All baby swim classes at Emler are 30 minutes long. Through experience, we’ve learned that 30 minutes is the perfect amount of time to be challenged and learn new skills without feeling overwhelmed.

How Many Lessons Does it Take to Learn to Swim?

Every swimmer is different, but 99% of our students learn to swim independently within the first 4-5 months. Each Emler student’s progress is evaluated by a manager after every four lessons, or once a month. As your swimmer meets the goals of their class, we will update you on their progress and promote them to the next level until they've mastered the water.