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Benefits of Youth Swim Lessons

At this point, your child is beyond the basics and ready to step their skills up. Even though the technical parts are more advanced the fun stays the same. Enrolling in our children’s swim programs offers a multitude of benefits, fostering both physical and mental well-being including:

Swim Camp Benefit
  • Water safety
  • Physical fitness
  • Comfort and confidence in the water
  • Coordination and motor skills
  • Stress reduction
  • Advanced swimming skills
  • Fun memories

Swimming Classes for Kids

As children progress to this age level, already comfortable in the water and equipped with a basic understanding of swimming and water safety, they are prepared for fresh challenges. Within our specialized swimming lessons for kids, we prioritize comprehensive stroke development by guiding them through the mastery of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. Find a class tailored to your child's needs and let the fun-filled swim instruction begin!

Littles (ages 2-35 mos) 3 levels
Bathtime Babies Level 1 Level 2
Tots (age 3) 3 levels
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Kids (age 4+) 4 levels
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Advanced (age 6+) 2 levels + Swim Team
Level 10 Level 11 STEALTH Swim Team

Level 6

age 4+ years
Age: 4+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No

Level 6 is the perfect starting point for kids eager to dive into the world of swimming! This introductory swimming lessons for kids has no prerequisites, making it an ideal entry for young swimmers to begin their aquatic journey. In Level 6, children kick their way through the water, covering a distance of 15 feet, learn to hold their breath for 10 seconds, and get introduced to our essential “Jump, Turn, Swim” safety method. This class also marks the beginning of mastering backfloat and initiating the fundamental movements of freestyle arms.

  • “Jump, Turn, Swim” method
  • Kick 15ft through the water
  • Hold breath for 10 seconds underwater
  • Backfloating
  • Freestyle arms

Level 7

age 4+ years
Age: 4+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No
Kick 15ft through water 10 second breath control Comfort with floating on back and front

Progressing to Level 7, your child will work to master freestyle arm movements, covering a distance of 20 feet. Level 7 swimming classes for kids focus on advancing their safety skills with the “Jump, Turn, Swim” method and refining front and rollover breath techniques.

  • “Jump, Turn, Swim” method
  • Kick 20ft through the water
  • Rollover breathing

Level 8

age 5+ years
Age: 5+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No
Freestyle swim 20ft independently Independent front and rollover breath

Level 8 marks the next step in your child’s aquatic development, ensuring they build confidence and proficiency in the water. As your child progresses, they will master the techniques of swimming with freestyle arms and executing elementary backstroke, covering a distance of 30 feet. Additionally, they will embark on the exciting journey of learning how to tread water and incorporate side breaths into their swimming repertoire.

  • Freestyle arms
  • Begin backstroke for 30ft
  • Tread water
  • Side breaths

Level 9

age 5+ years
Age: 5+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No
Freestyle swim 30ft independently with rhythmic side breathing

At Level 9, we delve into comprehensive skill development tailored for kids. Your young swimmer will master the techniques of competitive freestyle and backstroke, conquering the entire width of the pool. This level marks a significant milestone in your child’s aquatic journey, emphasizing advanced skills and fostering a deeper sense of confidence in the water.

  • Swim competitive freestyle
  • Swim competitive backstroke

Level 10

age 6+ years
Age: 6+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No
Able to swim competitive freestyle & backstroke

During Level 10, young swimmers will achieve mastery in freestyle and backstroke. This also marks a significant step forward in their aquatic skills, introducing them to the dynamic and graceful techniques of the butterfly stroke.

  • Master freestyle
  • Master backstroke
  • Learn butterfly stroke

Level 11

age 6+ years
Age: 6+ 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: No
Mastered freestyle & backstroke Able to swim butterfly

During Level 11 youth swim lessons, kids continue to advance their skills. They’ll graduate mastering butterfly and learning breaststroke. This is our last level before your child is ready to join our swim team.

  • Master breaststroke
  • Master butterfly stroke

Private Swim Lessons

Explore the personalized approach of our private children’s swim lessons, catering to those who thrive in a one-on-one environment or seek focused attention to master specific skills. These private sessions are not only beneficial as standalone lessons but can also supplement group swim classes for kids. Conveniently available at all our locations across Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana, and Colorado, our private lessons for kids ensure tailored attention for your child’s swimming journey.

Find a Swim School Near You

Empower your child with a life-saving skill and open the door to a world of aquatic adventures! Discover the transformative impact of Emler’s award-winning curriculum at any of our 30+ swim schools for kids across Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio), Oregon (Portland), Kansas (Kansas City), Indiana (Fort Wayne), and Colorado (Colorado Springs). Every splash propels them towards a lifetime of water enjoyment. Secure your child's spot now and let the journey begin!


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Frequently Asked Questions

When can my child join the swim team?

Upon completion of Level 11, your child will be invited to join our STEALTH swim team. On our swim team, they’ll continue to develop their technique and work on building endurance while competing in swim meets.

Will my child learn flip turns in the advanced levels?

No. We do teach proper starts and finishes from inside the pool, however for safety reasons we do not teach flip turns.

Why is my child wearing a belt during breaststroke?

We use small belts to help with body positioning while we work on the technique and timing of breaststroke. This belt helps keep swimmers horizontal and their hips elevated on top of the water so they can practice a more streamlined technique.

Can I have my child swim twice a week?

Yes, you are more than welcome to sign your child up for multiple lessons each week! Depending on your goals, there are advantages to having your child practice more often.

Will my child be ready for a competitive swim club when they finish Level 11?

Upon completion of Level 11, your child we be able to swim all 4 competitive strokes. We do recommend having your child join our recreational STEALTH swim team so they can continue to build up their endurance as well as fine tune their technique.