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Benefits of Swim Lessons for Toddlers

Swimming is a life skill! Getting an early start on swimming is the best way to help your toddler become comfortable in the water. Our toddler swim instruction goes beyond the surface, instilling water confidence, safety skills, and the joy of aquatic exploration. Enroll today to provide your toddler with essential life skills and a strong foundation in swimming that lasts a lifetime. The benefits of toddler swim lessons include:

Swim Camp Benefit
  • Water safety
  • Parental bonding
  • Comfort in the water
  • Confidence building
  • Social interactions
  • Cognitive development
  • Motor development
  • Independence
  • Fun memories

Toddler Swim Classes

Immerse your little one in the enchanting world of aquatic discovery with toddler swim lessons designed to familiarize them with the water and give them a head start on their swimming skills. Crafted to go beyond the basics, our weekly half-hour classes provide a comfortable environment for your toddler to embrace the joy of water. Guided by our experienced swim instructors, each session is meticulously designed to introduce toddlers to the delight and comfort of aquatic environments. Whether you’re in Level 1 or Level 2, soon both you and your child will look forward to this as your favorite activity of the week!

Littles (ages 2-35 mos) 3 levels
Bathtime Babies Level 1 Level 2
Tots (age 3) 3 levels
Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Kids (age 4+) 4 levels
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Advanced (age 6+) 2 levels + Swim Team
Level 10 Level 11 STEALTH Swim Team

Level 1

age 6 to 35 months
Age: 6-35 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 6:1 Adult Participation: Yes

During our toddler swim school’s Level 1 classes, your little water enthusiast will learn our exclusive “Jump, Turn, Swim” approach – a splashy way to spin in the water and head back to the edge for safety. Beyond these basic, they will also lean breath-holding, underwater adventures, kicking, and the gentle art of floating on their back.

  • The “Jump, Turn, Swim” method
  • Holding breath underwater
  • Kicking
  • Floating on their back

Level 2

age 24 to 35 months
Age: 24-35 months 30 Min Class Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1 Adult Participation: Yes, first few weeks
Kick 5ft through water 10 second breath control

In Level 2, our swim lessons for 2-year-olds are designed to focus on more advanced swimming techniques. These engaging toddler swim classes focuses on refining skills such as consistent kicking and independent rescue. By the end of the Level, your 2-year-old will showcase remarkable progress, doubling their kicking distance from 5 ft to an impressive 10 ft.

  • Consistent kicking
  • Independent rescue
  • Kicking 10ft through the water

Private Swim Lessons

Discover the benefits of private toddler swim classes, tailored for individual attention and focused skill mastery. Ideal for children who thrive in a one-on-one environment or wish to supplement their group classes, these personalized sessions are available at all our locations in Texas, Oregon, Kansas, Indiana, and Colorado.

Find a Swim School Near You

Help your toddler discover the joy of swimming and empower them with a life-saving skill. Discover the transformative impact of Emler’s award-winning curriculum at any of our 30+ toddler swim school locations across Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio), Oregon (Portland), Kansas (Kansas City), Indiana (Fort Wayne), and Colorado (Colorado Springs). Find an Emler Swim School near you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I join my child in the pool?

Yes, we have learned that infants and toddlers learn best when their parent (or another loved one) joins them in class. They love and trust YOU, which can help our instructors build comfort in class and in the water to result in faster progression towards water safety.

Does Emler teach ISR Lessons?

Emler Swim School does not use back float drown-proofing to teach babies survival in the water. Although we agree that there is a real and present danger of drowning for toddlers, we disagree philosophically with this survival method of teaching. Emler Swim School does successfully teach babies and toddlers to swim. More importantly we teach safety techniques that have resulted in hundreds of our students recovering from accidental falls into pools by saving themselves. We have devoted the past 49 years to developing effective young swimmers by using nurturing and effective teaching techniques. We invite all families to visit their nearest Emler facility to witness babies confidently jumping into the water and swimming back to the wall.

How long are the toddler swim classes?

Our toddler swim lessons typically last for half an hour once a week. We design the duration to maintain engaging and effective lessons, taking into account the attention span of young learners.

What skills will my toddler learn in swim lessons?

Our toddler swim lessons focus on fundamental water safety skills, building water confidence, and introducing basic swimming techniques such as kicking, floating, and breath control.

How are the instructors trained to work with toddlers?

Our instructors undergo extensive training, including hands-on, in-water practice. Equipped with the skills, they create a nurturing and engaging environment for toddlers, ensuring a positive and effective learning experience.

What should a toddler wear for swimming?

Toddlers should wear comfortable swim attire that allows for easy movement. A snug-fitting swim diaper is also recommended to ensure cleanliness and adherence to pool regulations.

Do 2-year-olds wear swim diapers?

Yes, it is advisable for 2-year-olds to wear swim diapers during lessons to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Swim diapers are designed to prevent leaks while allowing toddlers to enjoy the water comfortably.

How do you teach a toddler to hold their breath underwater?

Teaching a toddler to hold their breath underwater involves gradual introduction and positive reinforcement. Our instructors use play-based activities, engaging songs, and gentle encouragement to help toddlers feel comfortable submerging their faces and holding their breath in a supportive and fun environment.