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5 Amazing Water-Themed Indoor Activities for Kids

Feb 20, 2022

Authored by Emlerswim

Interested in ways to stave off boredom and avoid a tantrum when your kids can’t go outdoors? We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to keep your kids engaged and busy. Of course, since we’re a swim school, we made the list water-themed. Enjoy!

1. Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment

Michelle with Modern Mom Life has everything you need to make this activity a blast. This fun and easy experiment comes complete with a worksheet so your little scientist can predict what will happen and then illustrate what they saw happening during the experiment, similar to parts of the scientific method. What you’ll need: a mason jar or clear glass container, white shaving cream, and food coloring. To conjure up a storm, read her instructions for the Rain Cloud in a Jar science experiment.

2. Make a shark headband

Children usually love making crafts, and these shark headbands are sure to be a hit so your kiddos can “swim” around pretending to be a shark. For a printable template, you can head over to Simple Everyday Mom. There are three options: full-color version that you print, cut and wear; a black and white version that your kids can color; and a craft version so you can make your own out of red, blue, black and white cardstock. You’ll need scissors and glue to complete the headband. If you’re wanting to enhance the activity even more, you can ask your little ones 10 questions about sharks from National Geographic Kids.

3. Play a board game

Board games can be intellectually stimulating and keep kids in one place for a period of time. We’ve researched three that are fun for kids of various ages, with the last one that’s even fun for adults.

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble for kids 3+: This game assists with development of strategic thinking skills, as well as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Players spin the spinner and use the Sophie squeezer (Sophie is an otter) to pick up a shell with a matching pattern. The first player to collect one shell of each pattern wins. Reading skills are not needed for this game.

Stacktopus for kids 5+: One great part about this game is that it doesn’t require extra players. Your child can play by themselves. Players slip on silly sea fingers and try to stack cups to match the configuration shown on a card. Whoever finishes their stack first, wins!

Splash card game for kids 6+: This game has won numerous awards, including Parents’ Choice Award and Sesame Street Parents magazine Top Toys Award for Kids. It’s fast-paced, exciting and fun for the whole family, not just the little ones. You try to collect 4 of one kind of playing card and then grab a dolphin before there are none left…and there are never as many dolphins as players. The cards also include educational facts about sea creatures.

4. Read a book (or two)

Reading is always a great activity to enrich those little minds. We’ve compiled a list of 17 books about water that are perfect to teach and entertain. Plus, we even link to the virtual story times of our staff reading these books in case you need to take care of something while your kiddo is occupied.

5. Swim at an indoor swimming pool

If you’re looking for your kid to get the wiggles out, then swimming is the perfect indoor activity, especially if you’re sick of being inside your home. While the sport is not always top of mind in cooler months, plenty of places offer swimming classes or open swim times year-round, including Emler Swim School. Swimming is great for mind and body, as studies have found it aids in cognitive and childhood development.

At Emler facilities, the air and water temperatures are always just right, so there’s no need to look at the weather forecast and wonder how it will affect the swim experience. Plus, there are many benefits to swimming year-round and several reasons parents choose swim lessons as an activity for their kids.

Find the location nearest you for the latest info about swim classes and open swim times.