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Best Practices For Being a Water Watcher

June 8, 2019

Our whole goal at Emler Swim School is to make sure every child knows how to swim and be safe around the water. That also includes educating adults on how to be a “Water Watcher” when supervising children in a pool. No two drownings look the same, and it’s important for adults to keep eyes on the water at all times when children are in or near any body of water.

Jen Brown, Director of Operations, was recently interviewed by KXAN-NBC. In that interview, Jen spoke about the importance of supervising the pool with your eyes and making sure you can see what is happening in all areas of a pool to be able to see every single swimmer. Never second guess if someone is having an emergency in the pool, we recommend that you are ready to jump in at any moment you believe a swimmer is having trouble.

Click this link to see the interview: Water Watcher Best Practices

Contact us at Emler Swim School for information on swim lessons for children & adults, and remember to always keep your eyes on children near water.