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Mom, You Can’t Control Everything – But This You Can

Jun 27, 2019

Authored by Emlerswim

Mom, we get it. Managing the never-ending lists of to-dos and taking the reigns on everything is a challenge. We also know that you seek to do everything right. Truth is, even the super mamas can’t control it all. However, believe it or not, there is one thing you can 100% control, and that’s enrolling in formal swim lessons. By checking off that task, you’re decreasing your child’s risk of drowning by 88%.

The Reality

They’re the words that hit us to our core at Emler. Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death of children under the age of 5. With a statistic like that, time is of the essence. Enroll in swim lessons as soon as possible. 

Safety Tips

Learning how to swim is just one important step for children to stay safe around the water. As a parent, here are 3 safety tips that can prevent drownings.

  1. Learn CPR. In any emergency, CPR can save a life. 
  2. Always have a Water Watcher on duty. Where there is water, there should be someone watching the water. His or her focus should only be on the water. If you are the Water Watcher, stay off your cell phone and any other distractions.
  3. Check nearby bodies of water before anywhere else if someone goes missing. Drownings are silent and can happen in a matter of seconds. Every second counts when it comes to finding a child who is having an emergency in the water. 

Mom to Mom

Check out this NBC-DFW for covering information on What Parents Need to Know About Swimming Lessons, Drowning Prevention Emler mom, Kelly Cone, shares on a devastating experience and why she’s enrolled her three boys in weekly swim lessons at Emler.

Do What’s Right 

Your little one is your everything. If you can spend days on end researching the perfect car seat, baby food, swaddle - you name it - then you can take the time to find a swim lesson community that fits your family’s needs.

At Emler, we begin teaching lessons as early as two months old. By starting your baby early with bathtime and water acclimation, and graduating your child through the levels of Emler curriculum, you’ll see your child’s swim skills and confidence grow. With swim lessons, comes relief for you, Mom. By enrolling your family in swim lessons, your child learns life-saving skills in the water. 

We’d say that’s a win-win for all.

Find the location nearest you and sign up for swim lessons today.

A smiling girl with googles and float tube around her waist swimming in a pool