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Emler Swim School Enters Indianapolis Area with a Splash After Acquiring Stony Creek Swim Center

Nov 22, 2022

Authored by Emlerswim

Emler Swim School acquired Stony Creek Swim Center, which operates one location in Noblesville, north of Indianapolis. The deal, which closed on November 17, 2022, enlarges Emler’s footprint to 42 facilities across Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin.

“The Gipsons and Byers have helped an incredible number of children learn to swim since 1989,” said Emler CEO Greg Laird. “As they like to say, swimming is not only fun—it’s a necessity. We’re so pleased to have found another partner who not only believes in the importance of water safety skills but also in creating a positive, nurturing environment to learn how to swim.”

More than 20 years ago, Dan and Shari Gipson and Shari’s parents, Gary and Evelyn Byers, built the first Stony Creek location in Noblesville and have since transformed their school into the leader in aquatic education in central Indiana.

The Noblesville facility features a two-pool design that accommodates swim programs year-round so that children can retain their water safety knowledge and continue to learn new skills.

“I am so excited for the future of SCSC and the swimming community in Hamilton County under the guidance and leadership of Emler Swim School. I know they will be a wonderful addition to this community and will take care of our SCSC families,” said Shari Gipson, founder of Stony Creek Swim Center.

Stony Creek will continue to operate under its current name with the same enrollment plans and staff. For more information about Stoney Creek Swim Center, visit https://stonycreekswimcenter.com/

Emler Swim School is known for its award-winning curriculum, fantastic corporate culture and always putting the safety of children first. For more information about Emler Swim School, visit https://emlerswimschool.com/

About Emler Swim School
In 1975, Emler Swim School was founded on two principles, that every child should experience a fun lesson that causes them to fall in love with the water, and that every parent should receive a guarantee that their child will learn to swim.

Emler utilizes a proven, ever-evolving curriculum, a quality staff that undergoes thorough training and – above all – a passion to nurture children in a healthy, safe and fun environment.

With more than 20 different classes and levels, the award-winning swim school is proud to meet the need of every swimmer with the same “Emler Sure,” 100 percent guarantee. For more information on each location, visit emlerswimschool.com. Follow us: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter.