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[email protected] FAQs


How much is [email protected]?

The special launch rate for [email protected] Lessons is $199.99. Click HERE for all course offerings.

How long will I have access to the [email protected] course I purchase?

You will have four months from the date of enrollment to complete the course.  The course consists of 12 lessons. 

Do I have to start the course immediately? 

No. You will have access to the course for four months from the date of enrollment and it is a self-paced course.

How can I determine my child’s class level?

[email protected] course levels can be determined by age and ability.

Will the lessons follow the same curriculum that is taught at the swim school?

Yes. The goals of the levels and techniques used to teach the skills are consistent with the curriculum taught in the schools. Some techniques are simplified and floatation equipment is not incorporated as props expense would be prohibitive and they are not necessary for goal achievement.

Can I buy the props that are used to teach the lessons if I do not enroll in [email protected]? How much are the props packages?

Yes. To purchase an [email protected] Props Package, click HERE to select the option that is associated with the course of your choice. Prices vary by course.

Can I buy the props a la carte?

Yes. Some of the props are available on the Emler Swim School merchandise portal

What if I cannot attend any of the live weekly video chat sessions? Will they be recorded?

All sessions are recorded and the links are available on the private Facebook page and within the course itself in lessons 1, 5 and 9.

Attending the MTV (Mentor Teacher Video) Live calls is not a requirement for goal achievement, but it is recommended since elements of and explanations for the “why” and “how” skills are taught are presented and discussed.  We highly encourage participation in these calls as this will be your chance to interact with your Master Teacher, ask questions and learn from the experiences of other parents. 

How will I share videos with the Master Teacher? Will videos of my child be private?

You will share videos with your Master Teacher via email. We ask that all video clips are 30 seconds or less sent to [email protected]

Is there a military discount?

Yes. The military discount is $50 off full price. Please contact [email protected] for a military discount code. 

Can I call my local Emler Swim School to sign up for [email protected]?

Yes, the easiest way to enroll is to access the landing page linked HERE and click Enroll Now for the course you want.

Can [email protected] be adapted to wading pools and bathtubs for those that do not have access to a pool?

No. The curriculum and techniques used are designed to be taught in swimming pools with walls, ledges and/or steps in at least 3-4 feet depth.

Is there a Spanish language version of [email protected] courses?

No. The courses will be published first in English. 

How will I know when my child is ready to promote?

A child is ready to promote when the goals of the course have been achieved. There are goals identified for every lesson and overall goals for every course.

Is there a phone number I can call to talk with someone about [email protected]?

Yes. The phone number is 469-663-5119, or you may email [email protected] with your phone number and best time for a call. We will be happy to reach out to you directly. The email account is closely monitored and you can expect a prompt reply.

Can I continue my lessons at my Emler location and also enroll in [email protected]?

Yes. Enrolled swimmers are invited to enroll in [email protected] lessons at a discounted rate of $50 to supplement a semester of lessons in the swim school. Email [email protected] for a discount code.

Can multiple swimmers participate in one enrollment?

No. [email protected] lessons are like on-site enrollments where tuition is per student with the exception of multiples (twins, triplets & more). 

Is there a discount for multiple children in the same family?

Yes, there is a discount of $50 for each additional swimmer. Please email [email protected] for your discount code.

Do [email protected] lessons come with the Emler Sure Guarantee?

No. Without direct control of the execution of the lessons, we cannot include the guarantee. We are 100% Emler Sure that if the lessons are taught as outlined and demonstrated that the goals of the courses will be met.

Can I try the course before I buy it?

Yes.  We are offering the first two lessons for free in order to give you an opportunity to sample the content.  The “Try Before You Buy” includes the first two lessons and will be available for you to access for two weeks. Click HERE to attend a Try Before You Buy Orientation.

It is important that you commit to the first two lessons and join the Master Teacher Video Sessions. These things combined will help set you up for success using [email protected].

Keep in mind that Emler feels it is important that if you decide that you can’t commit to the 12 lessons or the format doesn’t work for you and your child, please prioritize water safety. If there is no Emler Swim School nearby, enroll in formal swim lessons near you.