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Swim Script® Curriculum

Our highly-effective approach consists of an award-winning swim curriculum, which is continuously updated with new teaching techniques and safety skills for each of our 20 levels.

To be successful at teaching your child the proper skills they need to accomplish the goals of the swim levels, we employ a proven semester-based, year-round approach that integrates child development best practices. By providing your child with consistent opportunities to apply their skills, and positive reinforcement to encourage accomplishment, your child will become a safer swimmer.

We back that up by guaranteeing your child will successfully complete the clearly defined goals for each specific level. That’s the Emler Sure guarantee!

Not only do we teach your child to love swimming, we also teach them how to respond in a water safety emergency. Older class levels includes special training for your child that introduces lifejacket and boat safety, as well as how to respond to an unexpected fall into the pool. The end of the semester is highlighted by “Clothesline Day,” when children recover from a simulated fall into the water while wearing street clothes.

From our infant classes to our recreational swim teams, our Swim Script curriculum is designed to:

Visit your nearest Emler Swim School for a free, one-on-one swim skills evaluation, and we’ll help you choose the right class level at a day and time that fits your schedule.